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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin rate today’s Skype call a zero, but still are able to broadcast a four star KITM:

Following Monday’s perfect press briefing, as states begin to assemble confederations to rebel againsttyrannical federal rule, Donald Trump returned to clarify his intentions. Governors can either choose to do what Trump says, or what Trump means… and if they screw up, they only have themselves to blame.

Kellyanne Conway wonders why the lamestream media refuses to give Trump credit for the 18 COVIDs he did vanquish.

Republican Representative Joseph A. Hollingsworth III, fifty millionaire, Wharton School alumni is, of course, pro-life... Not yours, of course. Some Americans will pay their lives to sustain the American way of life.

Nope, Fox viewers, COVID-19 deaths aren’t being overreported, they are being underreported. Federal pirates plunder 1,000 facemasks from police.

Trump trolls millions by tagging his name to stimulus checks and making recipients wait while he does it. Will you have to pay back the stimulus check? No. Will you actually, really get a check? Maybe. Trump stiffs the WHO on a $100 million bill.

Most people would violate social distancing and Constitutional rules to vote Donald Trump out of office today, but why hurry? Trump’s polling is only going to get worse, as the Bidenmentum grows. Picking a good VP will be the easiest decision of Joe’s entire career.

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