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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 16, 2021

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How about politicide? No, not “political genocide”… but literal “political suicide” —  an opposing political party united in an actual deadly suicide pact of their own choosing. Not the entire population of the party, mind you, but precisely focused, so that the more entrenched their ideology, the tighter they will all grip as they leap off the cliff together... It’s a fantasy, of course, as it would be impossible to imagine any scenario in which people would throw away their own lives and the lives of others in favor of mere dogma! If there were such a thing, Marjorie Diamond Greene and Lauren Silk Boebert would be long gone by now.

Meanwhile, David Waldman delivers another KITM under the cloud of a mass shooting. This mass shooting was delivered to Fed Ex, but we know UPS and the Post Office will do in a pinch. These mass murders are senseless and horrific, by the way. So was the death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo. Adam didn’t have his gun anymore, which the officer didn’t hesitate to consider. That officer might be in trouble, but he isn’t the only reason that kid is dead and this kid is alive.

Senior Black Correspondent, Darwin H.M., aka @Darwin_Darko on Twitter, tells us of the vindication of Black police officer Cariol Horne, who waited 15 years for her pension, while her employer waited for her to die of old age before they would grant it. Darwin figures that if the police could hold her pension for 15 years, the pension fund is where money for lawsuits can be found.

Vladimir Putin has a sad, and is in a snit, now that the Russian collusion that everyone knew about, is being publicly admitted, and acted upon. The 10 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump were supposed to be in trouble, and they might be, but not with their donors.

Corporations used to be people to the Gop, but not now, when it comes to taxes for infrastructure. Non-white voters are swingers too.

A Capitol insurrectionist took a break from fighting tyranny to escape to Switzerland, but couldn’t escape his demons, or the police.