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Sure, it’s easy to imagine what Stephen Bannon smells like, but it is much harder coming up with a reason for his existence. Whose hot tub did he ooze from, and why? In this pre-recorded KITM, David Waldman brings us a bit closer to the answer.

Today, Bannon is at the “tossing portmanteaus at the boss’ son-in-law” stage of his career. His choices are now quitting or being Fredoed. But back in the day he was hot stuff. 

Two reasons for his success are Robert and Rebekah Mercer.  In fact, those two are many of the reasons for his success. David checks out the new database of the Center for Public Integrity and its depiction of the web of financial ties between Bannon and the Mercers. Robert and daughter Rebekah brought us Reclaim New York, Cambridge Analytica, Donald Trump, etc., but why? David looks into the possible intentions of this eccentric billionaire cat lover to see where big self-involved money might take us.


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