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Donald Trump let himself off early today, to kick back, binge on his favorite tv shows, and grab a little “me time”, leaving David Waldman to sweep up a few lingering stories to get us through the weekend:

Bone Spur Donald’s parade has been postponed, until never. Our businessman president had the price all figured out, except for a few digits here and there. Maybe next Bastille Day he can ask the French how they run their government so efficiently. 

You can’t buy Omarosa’s silence. Not for $179,000. And, not with Trump’s idiot lazy lawyers, who are known for screwing up confidentiality agreements. David holds a seminar on the arbitration process.

The not so magic kingdom of SaudLand holds a special place in Donald Trump’s heart. Canada, on the other hand, Donald isn’t really that into. So, when Sauds float their whim of diving a plane into Toronto, Canadians probably shouldn’t turn our way for sympathy. Why fly an airliner into a building when you can just foreclose on it?

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