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Today, in his modest Virginia kitchen studio, David Waldman contemplates wistfully all of the revelry and conviviality in New Orleans, not even a beignet to dunk, instead clenching a burning commitment to deliver our daily KITM:

Two police officers are injured in a shooting by a fellow officer at a funeral tribute to another officer. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

Greg Dworkin brings us more #gunFAIL: A gun safe, at least one that was used, could stop most school shootings. Greg also brings us more crazy from the crazier: Donald Trump is king of the haters. Republicans are in disarray, as Koch-lovers get nervous when they leave money on the table. America begins to realize its kleptocracy problem watching the Manafort trial, even if the prosecution can’t say that out loud. Tad Devine, chief strategist for Bernie Sanders, told us our economy is rigged, as he helped rig Ukraine’s economy.

White, college-educated women are getting too smart for Steve Bannon. They’re getting too smart for Trump and Republicans too. Central Ohio is suddenly up for grabs, as independents go to the Democrat, and Trump runs to the rescue. In Virginia, a Republican candidate’s staff fight to split the vote with an independent. In Montana, the Green candidate, who was earlier the Libertarian candidate, was always a Gop employee. Another fake Green is exposed in New York.

David reads the ProPublica story of how Kris Kobach conned city after city, by first selling them anti-immigrant fear, then anti-immigrant solutions, until they were bankrupt. Samantha Bee scooped us all a year ago. Counties across the nation fall off the financial cliff, as they are fleeced one by one. Just one more Supreme Court judge and Kobach can be pre-right!

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