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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 25, 2020

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Happy birthday to Sean Conneryturning 90 today! Although he’s not yet 90, it is also Armando’s birthday today! And by an amazing cosmic coincidence, it’s also David Waldman’s birthday today! If that wasn’t enough for you... it’s my birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday everyone!

One day down of the Republican National collective delusion. It is the Trump Convention, so the “plan”, as always, is to put the absolute bare minimum of effort in between golf weekends, and then to claim that it was the best that could ever have been done. Don Jr. was higher than any bar set for Republicans last night.

Whether a pitcher, catcher, or merely an enthusiastic fan in stands, the nonetheless sleazy, cowardly little weasel Jerry Falwell Jr. — previously on righteously eternal suspension from Liberty University, now goes home — you got to hope it is to be nowhere near anyone’s family.  

Meanwhile, the University of Alabama reported over 500 COVID-19 cases last week. Researchers say a Hong Kong man is the first confirmed to catch Covid-19 twice, but more research will be needed to determine what a disaster that is. David will need to add a whole new column on his spreadsheet.

The well-worked refs over at Twitter give Trump another warning, still throwing out anyone else committing the same offence.  Any Trump not at the convention will tell you: Donald Trump has no principals and you can’t trust him.

Donald goes full Andrew Jackson against the Supreme Court, and then some. The Trump family went full Palin in D.C. following Robert Trump's White House funeral. A public defender describes her retaliatory arrest. Vlad laments America’s loss of style. A Ukrainian Oligarch picked up $21 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans. It’s nice to know a guy.

Joan McCarter reports on the several cans of worms opened at Louis DeJoy’s House investigation. Dejoy will not put any postal sorting machines back, in fact brand new ones continue to be thrown out. Trump has no problems eliminating any support for Social Security. Susan Collins has problems eliminating Donald Trump from her background.