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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 25, 2021

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Happy birthday David Waldman! Happy birthday Armando! Happy birthday to me, tomorrow! Happy Wednesday Greg Dworkin! David is celebrating a portion of his birthday in his son’s orthodontist waiting room, and so had to take off early. Consequently, today’s KITM is only one hour long, but still packed with the info you need.

Who would have done a better job in Afghanistan than Joe Biden? Everybody, according to the only story reporters have seemed interested in telling. At long last, that quick and easy story is giving way to more nuanced reporting, filling in a bigger picture and revealing some quite amazing competence… but also incredible inhumanity, greed, and stupidity, which have always been part of our deal with Afghanistan.

Finally, FDA approval of COVID vaccines means unvaccinated people will eventually be required to think of different excuses to never, ever take a vaccine, or wear a mask or allow you or your kids to wear masks or be vaxxed.