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David Waldman makes “it” at least 110% of what “it is” today:

Donald Trump took another interview again. Again, Trump made the mistake, the mistake he invariably makes in all interviews, of “replying”, which never does him any favors.

Worse yet, Axios’ interviewer Jonathan Swan, never swayed by pity nor glee, kept offering Trump opportunities to reply, and his each reply was a perfect layup on the wrong side of the court. Swan wanted to discuss the proportion of COVID-19 deaths to the US population, but Trump could only talk of it compared to cases, which is like Swan asking to consider how many of Titanic’s passengers have died, but Trump only wanting to talk about the survival rate of lifeboat occupants.

Trump believes that John Lewis could have been a bit more like Herman Cain.

The Donald Trump Tremendous Health Care Plan, due yesterday, is due in a few weeks, maybe the end of the month, hopefully prior to the end of the month, or next. Indiana State suspends football practice for 14 days, because two weeks fixes everything.

Seth Abramson believes someone is misusing the good name of Uncle Blazer… or misusing the other good name of Uncle Blazer, to create a dangerous anonymous disinformation feed.

Kanye West is sullying his good name consorting with Republicans.

Qanon needs Trump, Trump needs Qanon, no one needs either of them. Even Michael Flynn is finding little benefit from his association.

The DHS sees journalists as terrorists when their bombshells target them.

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