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Welcome! Congratulations on completing your quest to locate this page! David Waldman awaits at the end of our maze to bestow Thursday’s KITM upon weary adventurers.

Donald Trump does not know much and could not care less. Why should he? What has either attribute ever done for him? Trump knows it isn’t really worth using correct statistics, correctly. For his audience, why bother? (People who need to pay attention are less impressed.)

Yet, stupidly lying remains easy and profitable for Trump. Of course, Twitter locked the Trump campaign’s account for saying stupid lies, but it also locked the accounts of people pointing out that they were stupid lies. So, in the end does the United States deserve this Trump pandemic? Infectious people continue to head to restaurants, and soon they will send their infectious kids to school...

Is there enough Elizabeth Warren in Dems to fix the mess we’re in? Maybe with enough Kamala Harris we’ll save this place yet.

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