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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 29, 2021

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David Waldman gives “Don’t Look Up” a KITM thumbs up.  But, is DLU sharp, funny political satire, skewering myopic yet Machiavellian politics, corporate media unsullied by introspection... and all us idiots, or is just heavy-handed and factional? Greg Dworkin says “Meh, it could be better, could be worse”… which is coincidentally just how he reviews “Omicron” (Spoilers ahead!):

This is one big wave of infections, another record for the US. And, that’s just the ones being reportedPediatric COVID cases are soaring, filling children’s hospitals. On the other hand, deaths are barely reflecting that trend, so what does the science say? Unfortunately, comet or COVID, scientists just aren’t equipped to deal with us idiots, so it’s back to politicians to save us. (No one can help the idiots who’d get on a cruise ship.)

A U.S. District Judge says orders are orders for Oklahoma National Guard members told to take a vaccine. Oklahoma’s Governor says no one, not even a virus, can boss him around.

Swing voters don’t like January 6 Committee critics. Lunatics, however, are more interested in the lunatic vote. Peter Navarro coordinated looneys at the top to overthrow democracy on January 6 but didn’t plan on the looneys at the bottom screwing things up. David patiently explains how Navarro’s plan couldn’t possibly work, as if MAGA could hear him over their strumming of their lips with their index fingers. Meanwhile, the DOJ, along with more and more judges, is set to lay down some sanity.

Harry Reid always got it done, had no apologies, and was already missed. RIP.