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Today, David Waldman comes out against killing Republicans for the holidays... indeed, it would be probably inappropriate most of the time. That is... until… No! For the record, civil war is still 100% bad form. In fact, this is the very reason why we have free and fair elections. (Although Donald Trump has already cheated on the upcoming one.)

Impeachment is not political for the “Oh yeah, you and whose army?” president. It is as essential for democracy, as subversion of democracy is Trump’s raison d'être… or at least how he’s still sticking around. On the other hand, the Republican premise is that Donald Trump is the nation. He is all that is “right”… or what is “good”… or at least what is “all good right now”. Jerry Nadler plans to continue Democrat’s level headed, even handed, losing approach with the Judiciary committee hearings.

Still, there’s hope. Newly released documents reveal more Trump-Mueller lies. Don McGahn’s subpoena on testifying to House Judiciary Committee might be enforced. Trump may have to turn over his financial records to the House. And, you know someone in the Rudy Colludy gang is bound to be a snitch.

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