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Happy Presidents Day! Wow, Donald Trump has ruined another thing forever, huh? How about, “Happy Family Day”? Or, “Happy Canadian Flag Day”? Canadians always have it figured out.  David Waldman and Greg Dworkin never fear the Ides of February:

Our long national nightmare is over, again. Yes, the majority of Americans wanted Trump convicted, but since when do the majority get what they want? The Republicans that acquitted Trump voted to save their paychecks, but more importantly (for them), they probably saved their own lives. Republicans figured that they can always hide from rioters, but one wrong vote can earn them a sniper. They could say anything and it would be easier to recover from than a bullet hole.

Contrary to appearances, Democrats did not chicken out on calling witnesses. David describes the inside-process reasoning behind the deal to get the Herrera Beutler story on the record. The Senate trial was also a success in providing valuable evidence for upcoming probable prosecutions. It is also provided the closest thing we’ll ever see to bipartisanship as long as there is still a filibuster.

Anyhow, Republicans are always ready to practice what they preach against. For instance, Conservatives haunt a Q fever-dream of deviancy, slithering through hideous crimes on down to even more hideous crimes, (with some extra kinkiness) so they have the dungeon locked up. Conservative Christian/accused cuckoldress/Trump placeholder, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is only their latest “Aristocrats!” punchline.

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