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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 22, 2022

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It’s Tuesday and “Twosday”, today, too, 02/22/2022! Tell all your friends!

David Waldman attempted to read statements from Philip Crowther, but subsequently declared war on Luxembourg and proposed to Ohio.

Speaking of war... There’s been a lot of speaking of war lately. The United States and allies see that the invasion has already started. Vladimir Putin wants to dot a few more i’s and cross some t’s first, but he’s about ready to make the biggest Russian blunder in generations. Russians and Ukrainians are both ready for utter defeat, however the United States isn’t really prepared for the gutting they’ll receive. Mark Meadows told you this would happen.

Joan McCarter confirms that nuclear bombs must not have been dropped yet, because the Senate still sucks. Mitch McConnell kept government alive to suck another day. Even Mitch wouldn’t want Rick Scott’s ideas to come to fruition. Fellow Floridian Ron DeSantis is just as nuts and twice as vindictive. Florida chooses teen suicides over angry parents.

The Supreme Court told Donald Trump to get lost on his bid to withhold his Capitol insurrection records. @emptywheel describes precisely how DC district judge Amit Mehta argued that it was plausible that Trump conspired with two militias before January 6. And, then there’s Letitia James.

A Utah father bonded with his 4-year-old son by taking him shooting at McDonald’s. The memories!