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David Waldman is back from the weekend, with tales of ice fishing in Kazakhstan, the giant… or at leastvery, very big wombatsperhaps the unsung heroes of Australia, and of course, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Political Action Committee, Courage to Change.

As you’d imagine, David devotes most of the show to WOMBATS—no wait, Leadership PACs! Is AOC’s PAC CtC OK? The short answer is, yes, it shows Ocasio-Cortez’s maturation from outside insurgent to established leader, through the time honored tradition of making money and making friends. For the long answer you’ll need to tune into today’s second half!

But before then, you can tune into Greg Dworkin discussing how Donald Trump fiddles as the world burns. Trump’s parade of lies are catching up with him. Actually, they caught up with him long agoNo one believes him, no one feels more safe, and most people still want him out of here. His evangelical MAGA rally was extra deplorable.

Nancy Pelosi only held the impeachment articles for four legislative days, but Chuck Schumer might get the last laugh at the impeachment trial. Donald Trump has changed his “mind” and doesn’t want a trial now.

Meanwhile: Bernie punches Warren; Warren punches Bernie; and Joe Biden’s smiling.

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