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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 29, 2021

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David Waldman, and the Biden administration, deliver us to another potentially quiet weekend.  We can get finally get some work done here around the Headquarters, like finding out why the circuit breaker keeps tripping whenever the microwave and the space laser are used at the same time. Annoying!

Marjorie Taylor Greene is so Q-wazy! Unfortunately for everyone, Greene is not only extremely offensive, but also quite dangerous. Unfortunately for the Gop, Marjorie’s bad for business, too. Republicans ignored their early fears about Marjorie Taylor Greene, as there’s always been a little Marjorie Taylor Greene in all of them. They expected Democrats to be so genteel as to not bring attention to such foibles. Not this time, this time is is serious, it is personal and it is war. Sadly, some aren’t aware of that yet

Mark Meadows has returned from his Mar-a-Lago job interview and will need to talk to Marjorie Taylor Greene… about something, maybe the weather. Mark might need to ask Madison Cawthorn about where his money went.

Eli Zupnick wants to fix our senate, and on today’s KITM describes the Fix Our Senate campaign’s highest priority as the elimination of the legislative filibuster. Not all Democrats agree. For instance, Joe Lieberman wants to keep it, Elizabeth Warren does not...