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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 31, 2017

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Ever notice how the big news happens when KITM is off the air? Before we can debut our “24/7 David Waldman” channel we first need to address the impending cancellation of the long-running and popular “United States of America”:

Last night Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates, for betrayal and weakness. We are early enough in the Trump junta to find Sally Yates a hero and not a martyr, so today’s debate is only whether she should have quit before she was fired. David and Armando attempt to get ahead of curve to discuss how and why this guy finds himself AG and this guy did not, along with the order of succession within the Department of Justice, and the prescience of Barack Obama's AG executive order.

Why would Trump follow a previous President’s Executive Order? Why would House Judiciary Committee aides help draft directives without telling Republican leaders? The intellectual godfather of Trump’s hard-line actions, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III, wants Attorneys General to have independence and integrity, and wishes Sally Yates well in her future endeavours.

Why would “people” be changed to “citizens” in the White House memory of what the United States Constitution says? Why is NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr. speaking out against Trump, but Democrats are thinking of keeping their “powder dry” on the Supreme Court pick? Find out on today’s show!