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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 26, 2017

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Joan McCarter is bussssy today, and David Waldman isn’t just not going to do a show and let you all down. So, that makes it Esoteric Smorgasbord Wednesday on KITM!

The Straight Talk-like Express pulled back into DC, bringing with it the status quoRepeal and replace was rejected however, with the goal to just get the bill away from them and back to the House.

What can Donald Trump do to Jeff Sessions to get him to leave? Other than firing him, of course.

Russian comedians choose the perfect dope to dupe.

Cosplayer won’t play a governor.

Canadian Identitarians identify as Italian, on a ship identified as Mongolian in an effort to prevent Muslims as identifying as Europeans.

Speaking of young, beautiful girls—16… 15…