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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 9, 2021

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David Waldman delivers the stories and information you need to finally win those debates over the dinner table. (The same amount of mashed potatoes will still be thrown at you.)

You just hate to see White people feeling bad about themselves, especially when you are a White person. Tennessee Republicans don’t want their kids to be traumatized by Ruby Bridges’ story and other “critical race theories,” as they have had to painfully endure their entire lives, and are taking steps to stop it.

The US Women’s Soccer Team was pointed to as disgracefully turning towards the National Anthem… or was it disgracefully turning towards the flag? Either way, if they weren’t the US Women’s Soccer Team, they wouldn’t be pointed at.

Donald Trump wanted to use the COVID-19 pandemic to call off the 2020 election. Donald Trump said that William Barr would lick the floor if he told him to. Donald Trump was surprised and angered when he lost the election. Donald Trump is going to sue everyone until receives justice.

The Secret Service paid Trump National Golf Club over $10,000 in May. That’s okay, because now Trump National Golf Club has free admission for everyone!

Seattle’s largest police union doesn’t want it to get out that 6 of their officers might have been insurrectionists. Meanwhile, the FBI discovered a militia that planned their attacks at “bible studies”.

Philadelphia anti-fascists kicked pro-fascist butt. Saudi Arabia will start a digital news service and lobbying effort aimed at capturing American hearts and minds — without bone-sawing!