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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 23, 2021

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Spider-Man and the Pope agree, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Joe Manchin probably has said this to his mirror lately, as he continues his quixotic and/or self-centered fight against most logic and public opinion. Is Manchin playing 4 dimensional chess? Does he have any game pieces to play? Even if Joe hasn’t quite got it figured out, the rest of the Democratic Senate better work out their next move if they hope to turn this “intentional” loss into a winGreg Dworkin tells us to leave Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema (and Democrats) alone! Republicans are the problem. 2022 is coming soon enough.

There’s plenty of voting going on right now. Eric Adams is in the lead for the New York City Democratic Mayoral primary, which is the long way of saying he’s probably the next NYC Mayor. He sure is doing better than Andrew Yang, who in turn is doing a lot better than Bridgeport, Connecticut’s second most famous mayor, Jasper McLevy. In Jasper’s defense, he ran on the Socialist ticket, but you don’t hear India Walton —  Buffalo, New York’s first woman mayor complaining. You can also welcome Sheriff Kimberly L. Beaty — what a sheriff now looks like. 

David Waldman can tell you that the overnight success of bringing filibuster reform into the mainstream has ten, twenty… sixty years of effort behind it. Yesterday would have been a great day to point out that any day is a good day to reform the filibuster.

The Republican-led Michigan Senate Oversight Committee found that Joe Biden won the election and Donald Trump is a nut. It doesn’t matter, because Republicans like Jim Jordan kind of like nuts, and are ready and willing to turn the world upside down on Trump’s behalf. (Ivanka and Jared are privately appalled.) Catholics and evangelicals that love Trump hate church. Georgia counties are now cashing checks covering the legal costs of protecting Trump. 

Someone said that Nancy Pelosi was forming a select committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection. Nancy Pelosi said that someone should shut their lying mouth about her.