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And, yes we have a Reality Winner!

That’s all I got, all of the good jokes are already taken.

David Waldman catches you up on Ms. Winner, the incredible sloppiness of The Intercept’s care for their resources, and most importantly, the Russian hacking that our friend Vlad assured us wasn’t happening.

Remember D-Day? Unless the D is for Donald, this moron doesn’t. Armando calls in and reminds us that we really have to fix this Donald Trump problem. Armando has several topics to discuss on Qatar, #1 is: how do you say Qatar? Trump wants you to look! At! Qatar! Saudi Arabia told Trump they’d take a hard line on funding terrorists, and they are sure reallocating resourcesThe $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news, but they did send over $270,000 to the Trump DC Hotel, and they gave Donald a big necklace, which everyone knows is finders keepers, except for the nasty bureaucrats in Washington. Trump doesn’t keep track of things like “foreign cash”, so it is up to Democrats and the “Seven Member Rule” to discover what’s going on. This rule was news to David, so it is probably news to you—but not for our combined storehouse of knowledge at Daily Kos!

To understand Trump, we might have to learn to speak flimflam.

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