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Hot topics this morning included Armando’s displeasure at “old school” pro-Republican coverage of VP Harris’ Central American trip. But others were focused on the new Senate Rules committee report on the various security failures of January 6th.

The Biden DOJ continues in its traditional role as zealous guardian of executive power, this time continuing the Trump-era defense of… (alleged pervert) Trump.

The only political tradition Trump ever honored: flip-flopping on the filibuster. Speaking of tradition and the filibuster, people are for some reason interested in discerning the true legacy of Robert Byrd—Manchin’s predecessor in the Senate—on the filibuster and the sanctity of the rules. But it’s actually not all that easy to work out.

Joan McCarter knows that well. And she knows that it probably doesn’t matter, anyway. At least, not to Joe Manchin. We’re still waiting to find out what might matter to Joe Manchin. So far, we know that finding votes to prove his theories about bipartisanship doesn’t. But that’s still technically better than the absolutely nothing we know about Kyrsten Sinema.

On the other hand, we are learning things about how deep the problems are at the IRS, and how billionaires are able to slip by almost tax-free.

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