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While not California, Idaho does have its faults... However, Joan McCarter would let nothing deter her from her virtual visit to KITM World Headquarters with David Waldman, and us, for Tuesday’s show:

Donald Trump whipped his MAGA mob into a lynch mob this morning by accusing Martin Gugino, a 75-year-old affordable housing advocate, human rights organizer and Catholic Worker Movement member hospitalized by police of an invented slander that only Trump’s degenerate stage of depravity, dementia and paranoia could conceive of. For Donald, this lie could hardly be as traumatizing as looking into a mirror.

Meanwhile, gangs of police ran wild through Minneapolis slashing all the tires in a K-Mart parking lot. And, in Seattle, if the police won’t listen, maybe they need their allowance cut

So, do we defund or reform the police? Why not both! Congressional Democrats are hoping to get the ball rolling with the Justice in Policing Act of 2020. In Colorado, even Republican senators are backing their police accountability bill. Diplomats around the world are forced to try to explain why anyone should take the US seriously as a moral example.

The KKK doesn’t think BLM. A St. Paul arsonist looked dapper in police armor stolen from the precinct he torched. IBM hopes to contribute less to the future authoritarian dystopia.

Then there’s coronavirus. A New Jersey partier can prove how much he gets around. You can just ask Pennsylvania doctors. And yes, protesters know about the pandemic. That is one reason they are out there... and one of the better reasons, at that.

It now looks as if coronavirus spread after Trump’s half-assed “China ban” and long after the start of the Trump recession.  Now, the Gop needs you to get back to work and/or die. Trump could have wiped himself with a day’s worth of swabs down in the bunker, but instead took the time to fly out to Maine to contaminate them in person.

Gary Nadler will probably have to feed William Barr a few organic pepper balls in order to pry him out of Donald’s bunker for testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

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