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TGIF! At least, for those of you who are “Friday observant”, which thanks to Joe, the flock welcomes even more each week.

Atlanta police aren’t commenting on whether the killing of eight people—six of them Asian or Asian American women—was a hate crime. The spokesman for the Georgia Sheriff's Office isn’t commenting on anything anymore. Was the shooter just trying to wean himself from being enticed by women? Ex-evangelical Chrissy Stroop asks us to not discount evangelicalism as a factor in this latest masacre.

Have you noticed? All of a sudden, there are so many filibuster experts! Of course, we at KITM have the OG, David Waldman, who today welcomes his special guest filibuster reform advocate from Fix Our Senate, Eli Zupnick, to describe just how close we are to actually fixing the Senate.

“Liberal” isn’t a dirty word, and neither is “rich” for that matter. Liberal Thinking, aka Rich, is proud to be both, and presents his final two episodes of the 6 part series, Busting the Filibuster, for All Daily Kos Progressives, and listeners of KITM. Episode 5 proposes the House-like allocation of floor time for debate based on agreed criteria. It could prove a challenge to enforce with some of the more cagey and uhm, willful Senators, however. Episode 6 hits upon ways to move Senators towards filibuster reform. David, who you know has kind of been there, done that, will attest to the difficulty of this.

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