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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 25, 2021

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David Waldman brings us the latest KITM news for Thursday. Greg Dworkin is first up with sports analysis: UConn beats Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament second-round game, setting up a meeting with Iowa in Sweet 16. Syracuse were worthy opponents. Next up is Joe Biden’s first press conference! Joe has some experience with journalists. ABC’s Bob Clark, who scored Joe Biden’s first interview, won’t be attending today’s press scrum, leaving the hard-hitting thoughtful journalism to others. The president should be fact checking the press corps. And, oh, Kim Jong-Un has a question in the back row…

What’s happening with that boat over there? This isn’t a job for Joe to worry about… This is a job for — a bulldozer or two, or maybe a very hard-working, spunky towboat. What’s happening with COVID? There’s absolutely great progress on vaccinations, but Mr. Biden’s encouragement to take vaccines can only go so far. What’s happening on the border? Joe is a nice guy, but that isn’t why people are heading our way. Anyone with questions can now direct them to Vice President Kamala Harris. What’s happening with gun control? What is happening with gun control?

It’s not just Joe and Kamala, Democrats are being known as a pretty nice party. Republicans aren’t. It’s simply not good business to deal with jerks. It turns out that supporting mass murder isn’t good politics. They sure do pray a lot, though. Think you’ll see Donald in the pews or on the links on Easter? Are golf courses closed on Easter? Cindy Hyde-Smith doesn’t want to tempt God’s wrath by allowing Blacks to vote on Sunday. Only He, and she, really know what to do on the Sabbath… whatever day that is. Always go to Republicans for your moral guidance —  Pepé Le Pew! Hello! Voter suppression is now their moral stand.

Donald Trump wanted Sidney Powell as his Special Counsel. Sidney has found it necessary to explain to a judge how all good slander and libel requires “lying” about things to really work.