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Kagro in the Morning

Mar 26, 2021

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David Waldman brings us the Friday KITM morning news, traffic on the 10’s: We still have that container ship jackknifed out on the Suez, blocking northbound… well, all transit. Authorities caution that honking horns will not help the situation, and advise patience as plans are implemented.

Yesterday, President Joe Biden was asked if he was throwing his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential election. Other than that, most stupid questions and reporters were avoided. (You know who to turn to for stupid questions and answers.) President Biden introduced new team mascot Jim Eagle to describe the Gop’s sick and despicable voter suppression. Georgia Republicans attached about 100 pages of suppression onto a voter law, fixing everything the former guy found wrong with it, except for the part where he’s president. Georgia capped off the signing of their bill by having a few white, pot-bellied, crewcut, mountie-hatted cops drag away an elected black woman representative in handcuffs, just in case anyone missed the message. So, now it is illegal to offer water to anyone they’ve forced into voting lines. (This suppression has been brought to you by Coke®!) “Well, actually...” dopes rush to Twitter to explain. Joan McCarter explains that eliminating the filibuster is the only way to stop this nonsense.

President Joe is fixing stuff as fast as he can, but we still have Covid. Johnson & Johnson needs to pick up the slack. Joe’s working on that, too. Over at Fox crew members are dropping from Corona, but will that change their tune? Probably not. Some people have to feel it personally to make a change.

The long-delayed aluminum plant project near Ashland, Kentucky, once bankrolled by Russians, isn’t anymore, without Donald and Mitch in power. Vlad will have to return to his usual methods for destroying the US. Meanwhile, the former guy will go back to his old ways of milking the rubes.