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Mayday! Mayday! David Waldman has one more chance to rescue us before the weekend:

We still don’t know what we are dealing with. Amy “Action” Acton tells us in Ohio to stay safe for another month. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer risks her own safety to extend her constituents’. Japan extends its cornonvirus state of emergency through their busy giant monster season. Democrats prefer to be safe, Republicans do not, they reached the usual bipartisan agreement. What should you do? You should probably listen to people that can see the forest for the trees, over any particular tree’s nut.

Feel free to sniff your dog’s butt. He may sniff yours also. But don’t let any of your household pets or relatives get that close to anyone else’s, because you don’t know where they’ve been.

Hotspots, big and small, tallied or censored, are still blowing up, no matter where we are on the curve.

States are transferring medical supplies at secret locations with armed guards, because they are afraid of Feds pirating them. This is one of those "won't end well" situations.

If you are appalled at Donald Trump’s stupidity and insensitivity, you don’t want to meet his gut. Jerome Corsi was dumb enough to email federal prosecutors about Fox quack Vladimir Zelenko’s obtaining FDA fast-tracking for Donald’s hydroxychloroquine miracle snake-oil.

A guy just wanted to “Hail victory!” over coronavirus with a feel-good video, but that all depends on the interpretation.

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