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It’s Tuesday, and as usual David Waldman is joined by Joan McCarter, and us. And, as usual, it works out quite well for all those involved:

Yesterday, Donald Trump graced us all with his presence outside the White House. A couple of women reporters and tough questions and Donald graced us all with his absence. Did you know that all of what Trump says or does distracts from all of what Trump does or says?

Sure, Trump wouldn’t resign if called to. Barr isn’t going to either, but that isn’t the point.

Today would be a good day… Unless the Supreme Court pronounces us all pre-wrong and rightness remains in exile. Any day is a good day for inherent contempt charges, just haul’em in and let Vox sort it out.

Know any meatbags that can’t resist the local wet markets, even after you’ve peed on them? Tell them it’s like trigger discipline (while remaining out of range.). We are heading towards 82,000 dead... actually a lot more, but who’s counting? We’re also “celebrating” 9 million total tests. China will perform 11 million, this week. Even if we come up with a vaccine, we might not have the bottles to put it in.

Trump will recognize the threat of coronavirus the moment his temperature crosses 99 degrees, until then he needs you to move quickly towards “freedom”. Republicans want you to get out there, and remember the deficit. First you were after Jared Kushner’s federal PPE stockpile, now you’re coming for his Social Security money, as well? The House CARES 2, but for real.

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov has been hospitalized for coronavirus. Peskov doesn’t make a big deal out of it, thus avoiding future defenestration therapy. Dr. Anthony Fauci understands that the safest place in America is right in front of a TV Camera, and he is there right in front of the Senate acting neighborly to Senator Rand Paul.

The society around Ahmaud Arbery’s neighborhood became much more polite with the addition of an armed Black Panther contingent. No more room for faux pas.

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