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David Waldman is joined by Joan McCarter and all of us for kind of “a big Zoom conference”, but we’re muted and there’s no video... yet somehow it all still works:

Never get in an argument with grandpa. Cornered on why he doesn’t wear a mask, Donald Trump now purports to chase all of his adderall boilermakers with a little hydroxychloroquine. But, why not cocaine, you ask? Because, Donald has already stocked his pantry with 29 million doses of droxy and that product doesn’t move without a pusher.

Fat Donny “Morbidly Obese” Donald... Oh, and, you got to hope, some of his very best friends, will belly up to the buffet today, to talk about the good times, which are right now of course, with all of those new billions they have to play with, and the oversight-free trillions coming soon. The story of Jared shipping Washington State crates of Q-Tips knockoffs will be good for a laugh. But, Republicans better have a piece of the millions being syphoned off of unemployment systems, or there will be hell to pay.

Trump’s purge just got much more corrupt. Here's what's coming next.

William Barr is angry that Apple refuses to lend the deep state a hand with their wiretap efforts.

13 USS Theodore Roosevelt sailors tested positive after recovering from Covid-19. Does that mean coronavirus just gets unlimited whacks on us until we’re dead? Probably not! Who’s for sure anymore? Florida does its part to keep everyone in the dark by firing their own data manager. The only thing Georgia wants doctored are the disease numbers. People keep dying, though.

There are different degrees of looking silly, the ones that leave you alive remain the best.

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