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Kagro in the Morning

May 25, 2017

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Greg Gianforte picked just the worst time to “body slam a reporter (artist interpretation). Now he’s got Kagro in the Morning's attention. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin tag-team this jabroni:

It would be petty to think Fox news would cover for Gianforte, but quite prescient. Fox and Friends do attempt to come to the rescue, but eventually the Fox reporters standing right there had to say something.

It’s not just Montana men who need to be tough like Gianforte. It might seem like a high-school mindset, but when you’re a member of Congress, you accept this is the life you picked. You might go to jail, even worse, you might lose support… or votes. Yet another reason for the Gop to fret. Rick Wilson connects the rise in violence to the drive for fascist authoritarianism.

There’s more real and metaphorical wrestling matches in the news. Democrats would think they have the clear upper hand on healthcare. And, it looks as if critics of the GOP Health Care Plan were right all along. It even makes Freedom Caucus members cry a little to take insurance away from millions. But, what to think about people that consider it a good thing to reduce federal support for health coverage by $993 billion over 10 years? Here’s how the new healthcare bill confirms the asymmetry of the parties.

The good news remains all of the bad news for Republicans. Voters see Trump abusing his powers. Here is a chart showing that abusing power is the only way Trump knows how to work. It appears James Comey fell for Russian bad intelligence, leading him to screw up the Clinton email investigation. Top Russian officials discussed how to influence Trump aides last summer.

The Trumps only seek counsel from hugest, most beautiful Rabbis, yet none of those gave Jared and Ivanka permission to fly on Shabbat.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be another person disappointed by the thickness of Trump’s skull.

David catches us up on the Mar-a-Lago-underage-sex-abuse-club-fiasco.

Inconsistency in handling child gun deaths increase the agony of survivors.