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Kagro in the Morning

May 31, 2021

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Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin call upon all Americans to remember, to reflect, and to thank those who have made tremendous sacrifices to keep our country safe and free... After that, have yourself a ball!

Critics who planned to call Kamala Harris a professorial goody-two-shoes today were stunned by her disgusting display of unfit, unpatriotic, not passed-out-at-the-barbeque behavior.  The former guy sure wouldn’t have behaved like that

While we are commemorating and solemnly observing, let’s not forget the 100th anniversary of the Black Wall Street race riot massacre, which is not the only Black Wall Street, nor deadly race riot of the period, by the way. Definitely not the last one. 

Michael Flynn is a spy who wishes the US be overthrown. Donald Trump says Flynn is a patriot, therefore Republicans believe that that the US should be overthrown, or they are simply RINOs. Democrats will need to meet them halfway, or they aren’t bipartisan. Also, any Democrats meeting halfway will find themselves very alone, and losers. Filibusters are an aberration that no one will miss. None of this is new. Hal Crowther isn’t Nostradamus, just observant.

Hispanics are liking Joe Biden more every day, as do most sane smart people. Chuck Schumer and Susan Collins aren’t even pretending anymore.

Benjamin Netanyahu has run out of friends and ideas. Speaking of bankrupt, HateWRKS in Nashville is fresh out of hats, with only a couple MAGA hats and white hoods left in stock.

Covid isn’t gone. If you are unvaccinated and don’t wear a mask you will get it eventually. People stream in over our southern borders to get their shots — if they come over in a plane, they’ll receive one.