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David Waldman is out there saving our country from Ed Gillespie, but not before helping you help save our country with today’s KITM:

Wilbur Ross has been lying about being a billionaire for years, but even fake rich guys stash their money on islands. Unfortunately for Ross, the money trail offshore also links him to Putin’s inner circle, and maybe even… Bono.

Carter Page, lowest hanging fruit for anybody investigating almost anything, is telling a lot for someone refusing to talk. Bots were Russia’s first contribution to the Trump campaign.

David continues explaining the Saudi-Lebanon feud, at least as well as anyone can explain it at the moment.

A 50 year old mom of two flipped off Donald Trump, and who amongst us hasn’t? Unfortunately someone figured out a way to fire her. There’s already at least one gofundme page that purports to be raising money for her. (UPDATE: The person behind the page has been in contact with Juli, and all proceeds will go to her!)

Trump will cease extreme vetting for immigrants, because the good immigrants coming in to our country can… nope. David notices fascist costuming on the Texas church shooter before anyone else.


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