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Yes there’s more Moore today, because you deserve more, and Moore deserves it, so David Waldman takes KITM there again.

A fifth woman has come forward to recount, in this case, being sexually assaulted by Moore. People had Roy pegged all along. He was banned from the mall! From restaurants! From the YMCA! Women speaking up can still fear the law, their bosses, actually just about everybody. Roy Moore probably will still win, at least by getting away with it for 40 years. David looks into Powell v. McCormackand how it might or might not be the way the Gop handles the Moore situation.

We are still hearing about even more contacts between Russians and Trump in case anyone thought we didn’t have enough. The Wikileaks/Trump Jr. exchange shows a conspiracy, and that Wikileaks is an absolute fraud. Wikileaks wanted Junior to share stolen info, contest the election and to make Julian Assange ambassador. If only Trump had listened to Chris Christie he wouldn’t be in this mess. 

As if Alabama didn’t have enough problems—ghost hunting speechwriter Brett Talley forgot his wife is chief of staff for White House Counsel Donald McGahn.

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