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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 4, 2021

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David Waldman and all of here at KITM World Headquarters wish you and yours a joyous Diwali! Hey, what could be wrong with a holiday centered around charitable giving, selfless service, and thorough house cleaning? Well, you don’t have to be Lauren Boebert to see that holiday isn’t from around here. It’s just more wokeness foisted upon our children in the guise of diversity, equity, inclusion, and pastry

In other words, it’s critical race theory, which really doesn’t need a ”definition” when we all already know what it means, right?

Other than rolling up into a fetal position, what can Democrats do now? Greg Dworkin suggests fixing the COVID-19 situation, for which all issues, including racism and intrinsic intolerance, seem to be aggravated.  And, while they are taking care of things, Dems need to take credit, even when they haven’t quite got around to taking care of those things. After all, it’s the message that’s important... So much for increasing voter access in VA. That’s what you get for doing good things.

It’s probably not all horrible, right? After all, didn’t this happen to them in 2017? In fact, us and them for the last 30 years? Except for the insurrection and rise of authoritarianism part? Plus, this time we get New Jersey.

Armando returns! First up, Florida, where everybody gets in trouble for crossing Ron DeSantis, which the University of Florida tried to vichy their way out of, but subsequently were caught. Hypocrisy and double-dealing didn’t fix things, and in fact brought more attention. Alumni are going to have a say in this now.

Today, a federal judge hears arguments on whether hundreds of pages of White House records can be withheld from the January 6 committee because Donald Trump says that he has executive privilege to do so. This morning we got to hear many of Armando’s arguments on the subject!

We lost 28 million extra years of life to COVID, partially because quarantines just aren’t our thing. The Air Force hasn’t approved any religious waivers for the COVID vaccine, partially because they aren’t as gullible as the NFL.