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Today, join David Waldman and everyone here at KITM in celebrating the anniversary of the day after Tuesday’s election!

Greg Dworkin joins the fun, but eschews effusing exuberantly. Sure, we won big, but why exactly did we? Were we just realigning as expected, or was there a demand for women and minorities, or just some competent governance for once?

The other big winner—Obamacare!

Most Trump voters are staying put, which is OK, as that isn’t enough to win. The suburbs are revolting. This frightens Gopers going into 2018, so maybe they need to dump Trump? Of course Paul Ryan is with the Donald, right at the moment.

The Senate tax plan is different from the House’s but will Trump notice, and would that matter?

Rand Paul knows he’s one of those guys that is so nice and pleasant to be around that you just kind of want to hug him to death. So it just doesn’t make sense to him that someone would assault him over lawn care

Wilbur Ross, a fake Milli-Vanillionaire has ties to Russia, but this isn’t about that, it’s about corruption.

Rex (everything) Tillerson declares war on Hillary Clinton with an army of State Department employees.

Is Lebanon being declared war on?

A Democrat figures out that there is no up side to visiting Fox.

RIP Keith Pickering.

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