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Doesn’t it seem too soon, or perhaps too late to talk about anything, anymore? Oh hell, let’s go at it: Another guy used unregulated pure evil (made more efficient by 8 assault rifles, and 200 loaded magazines) to kill so many people last night. Check out all of the latest right here.

Greg Dworkin calls in from NewtownConnecticut, site of where the gun control debate was mortally wounded. More shootings will happen, because of course, pure evil

David Waldman and Greg catch up on the failed Trump presidency. As Trump brings the US down to a tweet, he is conquered by photography. Geraldo Rivera only photographs living people in Puerto Rico, therefore no one died. If everyone knew Puerto Rico was completely surrounded by ocean water and was about to have a big hurricane, why didn’t the TV tell Donald Trump? A real crisis comes and Trump can’t handle it. The Donald is not good for medical.

An argument over Puerto Rico ends with a girl shot and her step-father in jail.

Republicans are wise to keep Roy Moore and  his “controversial views” at arms length. Even Roy Moore is smart enough to do that.

Donald Trump reminds you to come on down to the White House—Home of The Craaaaaaaaazzzy Deals!

Author Paula Apynys, aka Paula Writer, aka @PApynys, reads from her latest—“The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward, Part One”!

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