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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 25, 2019

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You’re traveling through another dimension. A dimension as esoteric as House rules and procedures, of abstruse conceptualizations between abiogenesis and cloture, polynomials and filibusters... There’s a signpost up ahead! No, that’s just David Waldman bringing us another Friday KITM:

Credulous hack in glasses, Hugh Hewitt, misuses terms he should have learned in law school to try to look smart. David also went to law school, and took notes. So, now all of us except Hugh know what “admission against interest” is, and the proper use of the hearsay rule. We’re going to need more than that to understand the role of the OMB in withholding Ukrainian aid. (It could still be withheld as far as we know—always demand the paperwork!) Multiple federal inspectors general generally agree, William Barr blocking Trump’s whistleblower from Congress was out of line.

Dumber Hugh Hewitt without glasses, Sean Hannity, is revealed to have been heading out to Vienna with Rudy Colludy’s henchmen/bosses Parnas & Fruman to meet Ukraine’s corrupt prosecutor on the same night William Barr met with Rupert Murdoch. Trump probably had a backup to RudyKash Patel, the author of the secret memo accusing Russia investigators of bias. And now, slotted right between impeachment acquittal and the 2020 elections, William Barr’s own-the-libs Alt-right extravaganza. Or not. Always demand the paperwork.