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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 8, 2019

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Yom Kippur is coming up, and shortly David Waldman will need to take time to atone for sins Rick Perry prompted him into over the course of this year. We still might get a pre-sundown pre-recorded KITM by tomorrow, but today we get a brand-new live-to-AIFF file KITM!

And, that’s good, because as fast as the Ukraine dots get sprayed in the news, David is here to connect them for us. David encouraged us to look at the bigger picture in the Ukrainian con, and to always follow the money... and the liquified natural gas pipelines, to better understand that if there’s corruption in the world, Donald Trump needs a piece of it. Gordon Sondland, founder and chairman of Provenance Hotels, big Republican donor, and United States Ambassador to the EU, was blocked at 12:30 this morning from appearing before the HouseAdam Schiff finds that contemptible, although not in so many words. Bill Taylor, ambassador replacement for the too-smart Marie Yovanovitch, attempted some intelligent behavior of his own with Sondland to build his CYA paper trail, bandying about “quid pro quo” and such, to which Gordon replied “Ixnay with the extays already”.

Yesterday, Trump purported to pull forces out of Syria, a big surprise to the Pentagon, and the people stuck in Syria. Today, Donald announced he’ll have Turkey’s president over for Thanksgiving dinner, during which Trump will discover how they stole American jobs.

More dots in search of lines: Would you have guessed that “a tireless self-promoter of mysterious means” was responsible for getting lovebirds Donald and Melania together? Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, pedophile procurrer (alleged), and philanthropist (alleged), Ghislaine Maxwell attempts to fade away. The head of the US Department of Transportation generally only meets with Kentuckians for some reason.