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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 29, 2020

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David Waldman returns, atoned, rested, and ready for a live KITM.

Are we underestimating Donald Trump going into the debate? Trump has underperformed to everyone’s estimation his entire life, however Donald also has a lifetime of experience covering up his shortcomings. Today is probably Trump’s last chance, and deep beneath those shark eyes, he knows it. Not that Trump plans to start putting effort into achieving things. It’s just that the money from his Mark Burnett hustle is long gone, and most of Vlad’s checks are still in the mail. Times are tough.

Then there’s the tens of thousands of Americans Trump killed. Face masks might be helping people reach Covid-19 immunity. Meanwhile, new Coronavirus strains are eliminating the advantage of wearing masks. If only so many people would quit incubating it! Instead the Gop fights to eliminate the ACA.

Trump rescues the firms being sued for opioid pushing, by feeding them COVID-19 contracts.

Wilbur Ross stops the Census — better luck next decade!

Joan McCarter calls in to request that Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat, and the Supreme Court be saved from Trump, but he pretty much already captured that goal, and is now heading toward having his new Trump Supreme Court install him after the election. Democrats batten down their hatches and aim for safe harbor. Oh, and they still need to save the economy with a COVID-19 stimulus bill.