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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 6, 2017

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David Waldman presents an echo-free KITM! And a new computer is coming, providing untold fidelity next week.

Today Greg Dworkin comes in so clear, you can almost count the number of socks he has in his dryer. Greg brings the latest on DACA, hurricanes and North KoreaHarvey woes aren’t over, Irma is a beast and Jose is not far behind. A Texas couple postpones their wedding and serves three-course meals to victims of hurricane Harvey instead. Ted Cruz demands generosity (and gets it).

Trump didn’t have the balls, nor the brains to take out DACA, but he does have a triggerman happy to step in. What’s a little abuse of public trust to a guy that always abuses trust? The Gop sets ransom demands, and the rest of us will pay dearly.

Remember when the rich couldn’t afford to get richer, and let others have some? The world changes, most change with it, except certain snowflakes

Jeff Flake’s reelection leans upon Trump’s popularity.

Threads fixed Twitter while becoming the literary form of the Trump era. 

Devin Nunes is no recuser. Now he’s gone off the deep end, threatening Jeff Sessions and the FBI unless they tell him more about that pee tape.

Joan McCarter sounds as great as usual. The Senate is actually beginning hearings on potential legislation, unless Irma throws them off track. Donald is also doing his best to keep anything good from happening. States and insurers struggle to guess what to do. Democrats need to shut the Judiciary Committee down, and Al Franken does his part by withholding his approval of David Stras for the 8th Circuit Court.

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer gives Trump another slot to fill.

Trump gets millions from golf members. CEOs and lobbyists get access to president, and USA Today has proof.