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Kagro in the Morning - October 2, 2015

There was a mass shooting and an attempted rescue by a decorated war veteran yesterday, but as it is anymore, that massacre was pushed out of the headlines by even bigger massacre at Umpqua Community College.

Here are 5 Things to Know Now.

David tries to clarify the debate about “Gun Free Zones” and how relevant this was to this case.

How do you deal with a political party that is completely insane?

Even the sheriff responding to the killings was an anti-gun control Oath Keeper.

Where did this killer come from? Was he just looking for lulz?

Armando calls in with a plea to reconsider manufacturer liability law to help regulate killing machines. Where would automobiles be without regulation? Presently the law seems to sway far in the other direction.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Michigan: Update - Cindy Gamrat, Todd Courser inspire re-election prevention bill. Sterilization denial for woman with brain tumor highlights religious liberty conflict.

How clued in was Pope Francis on Kim Davis? Was the Pope swindled?

Monday morning - Tune into Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny at 8AM, just before Kagro in the Morning on Netroots Radio. The topic: A deep analysis of the US trade deficit - is it a net gain or net loss?

Right Now - check out this interview with David Waldman on TheLip.tv! David talks about Gun Fails & School Shootings vs. the Mighty Gun Lobby!

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Kagro in the Morning - October 1, 2015

David Waldman presents Kagro in the Morning - now with an previously unheard 15 minutes (which were dropped out by internet glitches)!

Speaking of FUBAR, Hillary Clinton would like that explained, as more of her email is picked over for click bait and partisan spin. Speaking of FUBAR:

The media has Biden Fever, and the only prescription is more speculation.

House Whip, maybe soon Speaker Kevin McCarthy really steps into a truth about how
the Gop operates. And - no one has a clue what to do, or what will happen with John Boehner gone.

The financial industry, previously self-FUBARed, has learned nothing.

At least the vaccine opponents fell short in California.

After discussing all of the above, Greg Dworkin wonders if Obama may just be playing it right in Syria.

David tries to figure out what the Republicans will do now that Boehner is untethered. Will they follow the money, their ideology, or what’s right or wrong? (probably money)

Ex-congressman Paul Broun sad that he didn’t get in on that sweet Speaker ousting action, setting up to fire whoever comes along.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 30, 2015

Kagro in the Morning presents their All-Star lineup today: David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, Armando, and Joan McCarter!

Greg takes a medical, and political perspective to yesterday’s House Planned Parenthood Hearing: A bad day for women, and Republicans. The Gop Chair trots out a terrible and dishonest chart, and is shut down.

Joan joins in on the discussion on the House Planned Parenthood hearing’s war on women.

There may not be enough angry white guys to sustain the Republican party, but plenty are jockeying for leadership positions in the House. Also there's room for the liar, the nutter, the fool, and the demagogue to fill that “strong bench” for the GOP.

Ted Cruz shows he is no one's friend, and finds no one is his friend.

Benghazi is now the longest congressional investigation in history. Kevin McCarthy takes a bow.

Will Kim Davis now convert to Catholicism? What will she do next week?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 29, 2015

David Waldman will be on TV - and .tv - when he is interviewed on The Lip.tv! The topic will be #gunfail, a concept created by David, which he built upon over the years. David will discuss how #gunfail has become influential, and its potential as a journalistic tool.

Greg Dworkin could not visit today, but he passed along these interesting topics:

Americans unite against Citizens United.

Shell leaves Arctic, giant oil rigs out there now only good for Bond villains.

Would Donald Trump play us for suckers?

Is John Boehner bad at his job, or what?

Actually, yes, he was pretty bad at his job.

Inept people queue up for his position, but not Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Media reports on style over substance, and therefore, Carly Fiorina.

100,000 Peruvians rally for Kim! What idiots would believe that?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 28, 2015

Got the Post-Pope jitters? Don’t worry - you can stay Pope-current with today's Pope-Relevant episode of Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny!  On Daily Kos Radio, Mondays, right before this show, with this guy.

Last night’s lunar eclipse was pretty, but has not heralded doomsday at press time, and neither has Pope Francis shaking John Kerry’s hand.

Donald Trump promises to round up immigrants humanely.

Greg Dworkin fulfills his vow to round up the latest polling and analysis:

Trump isn't winning like he used to.  Chainsaw Carly is at third, while cementing her reputation of being a lying liar that lies.

Polls show Gop on the wrong side of several issues including gun control and funding Planned Parenthood, and just like Obamacare and the Iran Deal, support increases the more people become informed on the issues.  Now that they ruined the job, and caught the car, Republicans have a hard time finding a new Speaker of the House.

Conservatives are happy to be on the wrong side of the Constitution as well.  Ben Carson sees at least one religion as a probable cause for searches, which is just one available criteria for suspicion. And, a KY Republican claims a First Amendment right to accept bribes.

VW programmed a computer to lie to you, and you did not find out for years.  What other machines are lying to you right now?

Good guy with a gun bullseyes the carjacking victim, may not get that NRA salute.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 25, 2015

David Waldman, with Greg Dworkin has plenty to talk about today - The Pope, Polls, Politics and - BREAKING:

John Boehner does a terrible job doing his terrible job, and leaves...  Why is he leaving? Who will take his place? What will happen now and in the future? What about the Democrats?

Anyhow, back to Donald Trump. Are we at peak Trump? Is a second tier of less-loser candidates forming? Well, how about Rubio, then?

Anti-Muslim activist quits Oath Keepers when they refuse to help him arrest US Senator, and reveals it only costs $40 to join Oath Keepers!

A Mayor in Maine wants to publicly shame welfare recipients. A county in Texas screened job applicants to hire only Baptists. Think it can't happen where you are? David looks into what it takes to get into the local political clubs.

Remember to tune into Daily Kos Radio next Monday, at 8AM for Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny and their discussion of the canonization of Junipero Serra, by Pope Francis!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 24, 2015

David Waldman definitely did not have an easy fast on Yom Kippur, but lives to tell us about it, and answers your questions on spirituality, Judaism, and child rearing.

Joan McCarter makes a surprise visit on her way to Asheville, North Carolina, for the Daily Kos Connects meet-up and seminar. Check out the table of events, and stop by!

Then Armando makes his surprise visit! David and he have a broad discussion about - just about everything. But mostly about the continuing problems some black activists are having reaching understanding with some Bernie Sanders supporters. Should the focus of all sides be in allying to build a coalition, win elections and change things?  Or do substantial changes need to happen first?

And Ben Carson is second place in many Republican polls. Did anyone expect that? Did he? Who is Ben Carson, and what is he getting out of this?

All that and much more! Hit the link and listen!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 23, 2015

David Waldman is observing Yom Kippur today. He has pre-recorded an all-new show for today:

There was just too much left to say about the bizarre drug price-raising CEO story to let it drop at the end of yesterday's show, so we plow forward with that one, which really becomes completely nuts.  At first glance, Martin Shkreli comes off as the typical multimillionaire boy-genius.  But, a look at his history shows a streak of diabolical fiendishness.  After all that,will he change?

Sticking with a theme of business follies—and hey, why not run the government like this, right?—we start to examine the business record of Carly Fiorina, both at HP and in her previous job at Lucent, which also pretty much collapsed. Hmm!

And of course, we have to ask WTF, VW?

Finally, in our Entrepreneurial Spirit corner: who says you have to "own" or "have rights in" the property you put on AirBnB? Don't be a dinosaur, man!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 22, 2015

David Waldman explores the gray areas between truth and complexity, meaning and interpretation, English and Aramaic, lumpers and splitters, philanthropists and psychopaths, The Boy Scouts and getting to High Holiday services:

Greg Dworkin is as shocked as you are that Scott Walker is out of the race - if you too expected that Scott Walker’s many shortcomings would quickly do him in.

Rubio’s numbers are up, mostly because the rest are so awful. Hillary Clinton still doing pretty good.

With Perry and Walker out, there are less insiders left in. Not that it makes it any easier for the outsiders.  

Fiorina climbs polls, but was still a terrible CEO.

Jack Shafer says Trump isn't a media creation, then explains how he is.

And - Ben Carson is still an incredible bigot but is OK with 80% base support.

Despite 4 Pinnochios, Taquiyya falsehoods gain traction. Denying one’s religion to persecutors has been seen as a good strategy in the past.

This leads David into continuing a discussion on how interpreting scripture, whether from the Torah, Bible, or Quran depends on the perspective, and honesty, of the interpreter, including a contrasting of the tenets of Taquiyya and Kol Nidre.

David also attempts to show mercy to this jerk, who is raising a pill’s price by 5,500%. He isn't alone.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 21, 2015

If you like Kagro in the Morning and listen to David Waldman on a regular basis you’ll be interested in knowing that there is a way for you to help pay for the continued production of this show, which costs real money.  You can donate at Recurrency.com or Netrootsradio.com, so you should.

Welcome to the latest show to debut on Netroots Radio: "Hopping Mad with Arliss Bunny & Will McLeod"! Visit their website, IMHoppingMad.com and follow on twitter @IMHoppingMad.

PM gets into a bit of a sticky wicket, along with a dead pig’s gob with his todger.  David tries to explain, while staying on the air.

World-wide Skype outage temporarily silences Greg Dworkin - but he does send in a lot of new polls:  

Clinton's lead over Sanders grows.  Trump’s lead over Fiorina shrinks.  Walker’s lead over anyone goes away.  Gop-ers all losers with Trump.

In the kind of political analysis you can’t catch elsewhere, David contrasts the translations of the tenets of Judaism, Jewish vs. Evangelical, from Atonement to the Shofar.

Newly disclosed information shows that that George W. Bush made a retroactive “fix” in the legality of Stellar Wind.

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