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The Josh Duggar shocker takes up a considerable amount of time today. The Boy Scouts of America are finally coming around to reality, it seems. Irish abroad are heading home to vote in today's historic referendum on marriage equality. Greg Dworkin agrees to come in (and fight through technical difficulties) on his birthday to round up stories on ACA's increasing popularity and entrenchment, Chris Christie's attempt at recovery that hometown papers aren't buying, handicapping who gets into the Gop debates, Obama's (un) lame duck status, a peek inside the American Board of Internal Medicine's finances, and Bill O'Reilly's in hot water (and in denial) again. NYT reporter goes way out on a limb on Hillary. Armando joins in to discuss the Duggar & O'Reilly news. Kansas, whose governor blows a lot, takes punishing the poor to a new level. Journos begin admitting they were wrong about the "Fight for $15." Self-driving cars might not necessarily kill us all.

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Greg Dworkin rounds up stories about Rand Paul's non-filibuster, Huckabee passing on the IA straw poll, Fox setting the rules on who'll debate, media still mad at Hillary, and how Luis Lang was short-changed by the media, and could end up getting screwed again. Finally, ICD codes: an insider's peek at games doctors play to pass the time. A reminder of the somewhat sketchy practice of Members of Congress living (rent & utility-free) in their offices. The NSA's back door into your smartphone. One of the bikers arrested in the Waco shootout was among the group lobbying for looser gun laws at the TX capitol. State legislatures increasingly banning local bans. On everything. Scotland Yard once thought Star Trek fans were a national security threat. Florida bar owner shows us the worst thing wrong with "Stand Your Ground" laws. Guess what? Conservatives are taking a 54th crack at developing their own Move On.

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We kicked off with a recap of the Pinterest fiasco. Greg Dworkin walked us through his always-excellent Abbreviated Pundit Roundup, including Hillary news, the 2016 field, David Brooks being terrible in his dead-ender defense of the tired "mistake" trope, Luis Lang quits the Gop, and KY-GOV results. Biker menace spreads to NH Applebee's! Twin Peaks HQ is shocked at the clientele attracted by its rogue franchise! Joan McCarter joins in mulling recent events, including the looming deadlines on NSA reform, and the bin Laden "treasure trove" that has appeared all of a sudden. We also take the opportunity to let her vent on the "bad intel" dodge. The latest TPP-related shell game: paying for "trade adjustment assistance" out of Medicare money. Idaho saves children & defeats Sharia!

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Bristol Palin calls off her wedding! Also, some other stuff happened. A 15-year-old Montana boy shot & killed by a friend. Ted Nugent, though, figures he must be a punk, thug or street rat. We revisit the story of Luis Lang, Obamacare protester who blames everyone else for everything. Staying in the Carolinas for a moment, we share this Charlotte Observer editor's thoughts on why he's such a disgusting liberal poopy-head. In the wake of Jeb's Iraq flub, Krugman hits the highlights of the many problems with simply excusing the war as a "mistake," as well as the media's difficulty coping with policy dishonesty at any level. Especially when taken to the extreme, as with the torture question.

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Three gangs face off in a shootout that leaves 9 dead, 18 wounded. But the police response seems... a little different than you might have expected. Greg Dworkin rounds up morning news with the aid of NBC's First Read: Congress stalls on ISIS war authorization; Jeb shocks all in opposing marriage equality, supporting VA reform; Hillary tacks "left," by which they mean "center"; continuing Jeb gaffe fallout, with which Rubio in particular seems to struggle; Walkermentum not happening; Greg's "why does Jeb want to run?" theory catches on, and; your mandatory "Dems in disarray" entry. A Tennessee wacko (and former fringe Congressional candidate) is arrested while hatching plans for a massacre in a NY community of Muslims. Ted Nugent says kids' GunFAIL is all a "big lie," then five sets of siblings proceed to accidentally shoot one another. US raid takes out ISIS "oil minister." And did you know ISIS has a 5-star hotel?

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White-on-white crime shocker leads off the broadcast. Greg Dworkin updates us on a GunFAIL story from way back, and notes the passing of B.B. King and “the father of evidence based medicine,” David Sackett. Banking on the Gordie Howe bridge. Another cycle of Jeb's Iraq gaffe. Rubio officially becomes Flavor of the Month. Will he inherit the scrutiny? Armando joins in expressing his disbelief at Jeb's flub, nearly has a car accident around the 51st minute of the show, then handicaps the GOP field while I take a walk around the block and go see a movie. The Stephanopolous outrage. Then, as promised, David Dayen's "10 biggest lies" about TPP and the ACLU on cops playing to the cameras. Finally, Gimmetarianism defined: the jerky anti-Obamacare jerk who acted like a jerk and then got in over his head and said more jerky stuff.

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School GunFAIL: 5th grader snatches school security guard's gun; armed teacher has "medical issue," accidentally fires gun twice. Greg Dworkin rounds up Jeb's Iraq implosion headlines, Scott Walker's Jamestown gaffe & more. Bin Laden story raises questions of international law. Armando joins in that discussion, plus the stalling of the TPP bill in the Senate, its implications for filibuster reform, and how the president has played his hand with Dems on this.

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We're still pondering the bin Laden bombshell. Greg Dworkin follows up with an ancient history alert: Philip of Macedon's remains IDed? Gop 2016 field stumped by one weird trick! Jeb flubs Iraq question. Hillary Clinton moves toward everyone else on immigration. Another wild North Korean execution story. Trade vote falls flat in the Senate. How in the world will Republicans decide who gets on stage for debates? TX considers outlawing laws they don't like. Finally! And at last, an oppressed florist speaks! Yet another underling resigns from the Tulsa Co. Sheriff's Dept. Joan McCarter joins us for further discussion of the TPP voting, Jeb's Iraq gaffe, and Zombie Reagan. Also: Jeb's growing dark money empire, House votes on abortion restrictions yet again, gaming the NSA surveillance voting, creepy apps bosses love, and Bob Corker's curious call for even more surveillance.

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Allen West exposes the Sharia takeover of Walmart! Fox host wonders where all the defenders of white men are. (Hint: you can't see them because they're all wearing camo.) Some further consideration of the big bin Laden bombshell. George Zimmerman just has the worst luck around guns! Why does this keep happening to him? In better gun news: OR expands background checks. Then, we consider the obituary of former Speaker of the House Jim Wright, recount his political history, and wonder at what might have been had he not won the Majority Leadership by one vote in 1976 over liberal titan (and Pelosi mentor) Phil Burton.

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Greg Dworkin starts with a data round-up: Americans' preferences on ideal family size has changed; measles outbreak did little to change resistance to vaccination; trends in health insurance enrollment; and the latest from New Hampshire. In politics: Republicans still not serious about "replacing" Obamacare; what divides the 2016 Gop field; Jeb "his own man" on Iraq; Gop's uphill battle for Hispanics; the times catch up to Bernie Sanders; Obama demonstrates how and why retail politics matter; speaking of which, Hillary is headed to Dem rivals' home states; a brief UK elections round-up; Matt Bevin's KY comeback, and; coffee is, for the moment, good for you. Then, onto the bin Laden bombshell presented by Seymour Hersh, and the push-back against it. Plus a digital age cautionary tale with a little "new economy" twist.

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