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Kagro in the Morning - June 24, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - June 23, 2016

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The Democrats continue to be revolting, in a quite inspirational fashion. David Waldman believes nothing huge should be expected, but as increments go, these are a nice ones. Paul Ryan allowed no bills and got no breaks. The Gop won’t give in, no matter how hard they lose.

Greg Dworkin calls in to discuss how parties matter, and how they are not the same. John Lewis’ nonviolence training and tradition.

Donald Trump said some crazy, non-sensical, conspiracy theories and lies. If you didn’t catch it, Clownstick’ll be doing it again and again for the next few months because he will not be pivoting anywhere. Trump runs his campaign like a real estate deal.

Obamacare is working, but both sides see an advantage in trashing it.

Hey, remember when the Republicans fought for your freedom to get $3.50 per gallon gas? One way this differs from today’s fight for gun safety is new social media technology. C-SPAN circumvents the House blackout on sit-in coverage.

Want a revolution? Here is a little election with big lessons to teach.

Patrick Murphy, not this one, but this one, is raising red flags, which may lead to a Marco Rubio return, even.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 22, 2016

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David Waldman announced that KITM was back to its regular, normal, ready-for-prime-time state, and as you’d expect, the live feed went away shortly after. Tap the player above for the full show!

Ivanka Trump promotes a new niche super-PAC for those that don’t like her dad, but really don’t like Hillary Clinton. Is she on Trump payroll? Dump Trump gets a second wind.

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls and the news:

Donald Trump finds that he needs to decide whether to be wacky for his wacko supporters, maybe do that pivot into that “presidential campaign”, or to just go gull the rubes as he always has.  

The super delegate debate rages on, for the next few years probably.

Marco Rubio runs back to Florida’s rescue, in his own special way.

Joan McCarter also notes that little ghoul Rubio has decided to profit from the Orlando Slaughter.  

Republicans run government not so much like a business by coming up with the same Obamacare replacement after 6 years.  

Joan and David discuss the senate votes on gun measures. Susan Collins came up with a “terror gap compromise, at least the NRA waited for her announcement before telling senators not to vote for it. Mitch McConnell wants to protect your Second Amendment rights, to hell with the Fourth. Georgia Rep. John Lewis is leading a sit-in on the House floor today to push Republicans to address gun violence in the legislative chamber.

Today, Trump attempts to dig out of his deep hole with an attack on Clinton.

Guns attract crime to Atlanta Public Schools.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 21, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning

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The Charleston shooting dominates the news today, as we knew it must. Greg Dworkin joins us to discuss it, along with other headlines, including the latest on the pope's encyclical and how the named plaintiff in King v. Burwell has found himself some nice, socialist health insurance. Carly Fiorina's SuperPAC had to change it's name because duh, you're not supposed to have a SuperPAC. Boehner boots whips who voted against the trade rule. A pithy gun cartoon from Rebecca Hendin. Still more nuttiness from the Texas gold bugs.

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Kagro in the Morning

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Greg Dworkin rounded up 2016 news on Hillary, Jeb!, and The Donald. The debate wars. How the pope got religion on climate change. TX's crazy-sounding plan for it's own gold reserves. Joan McCarter visits to warn us about the newest Gop plan to derail net neutrality, remind us that the trade fight isn't over, keep us on King v. Burwell watch, and share a laugh about the Gowdy vs. Issa Benghazi spat.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 16, 2016

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David Waldman presents a KITM so relevant and immediate you’ll swear it’s live. Congrats on David’s 20th Anniversary! In lieu of gifts, feel free to donate to PayPal, or Patreon.

Donald Trump presents the Von Clownstick Doctrine, in an inspiring cinematic performance.

Will Trump run the country like his businesses, like Mitt Romney promised to do? Will Trump make the US in the image of his whipped Casinos, or Trump University? As president, maybe he could charge for his speeches, like the millions he made for hawking Multi-Level Marketing. This businesswoman finally got Trump to pay his bills

Donald Trump can spot any scam if he doesn’t have his little fingers in it: Soldiers skimming reconstruction money.

Reporters don’t have to worry, Stubby will let them write down what he says when he is president. He will send refugees back however, because you never know about them.

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Kagro in the Morning

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Hillary's in. So's Jeb!. Several crazy and/or stupid people shot up various parts of the United States over the weekend. Greg Dworkin informs us that Colt and a few other gun manufacturers are going bankrupt. Phil Mattingly Tweetsplains TAA/TPA/TPP. America's Worst Governor blows a lot. The snarky version of the TAA/TPA/TPP story, plus the KITM fine-toothed comb is brought out to parse the parts of the procedure story that even the explainers don't explain. Finally, some Bernie Sanders coverage, thanks to WillaGorilla, who sent us his recorded contribution to the show. Be the radio show you want, people!

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Kagro in the Morning - June 14, 2016

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David Waldman will not be live tomorrow—but he’s working on a KITM special edition crammed full of good stuff so you will feel able to tackle the rest of the week.  

So, here is the wave of blood and tears the Trump campaign has been waiting a year for.

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls, and the news—and the not-so-news that Donald Trump is xenophobe who panders to xenophobes. Trump chooses between caring about dead LGBT people and stoking fear. Newt Gingrich sees an opportunity to create a new House Un-American Activities Committee. Ken Burns thinks it is time for everyone to quit joking around

Voters decide that being the first female presidential candidate isn’t “historic”. All that free air time during the primaries helped Trump. Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton is gaining in men, and white voters. Republicans wish you didn’t ask them Von Clownstick questions for a few months.

Did Orlando health providers need a HIPAA waiver after this mass shooting?

It turns out that the guy heading to a gay pride parade with with three assault rifles, ammunition, and chemicals that can be used to make explosives, did not actually say he had planned anything bad to happen. An anti-trans bathroom ‘Child Protector’ was caught with a 13 year old chained In his basement.

Tulsi Gabbard seems unusually Islamophobic for a progressive until you look into her motivations. She is also not into super delegates.

Donald Trump keeps reducing his traveling stenographer pool. Is this a badge of honor for journalists

The Orlando shooter was enabled by a retired NYPD officer.

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Kagro in the Morning - June 13, 2016

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Today David Waldman invites you to listen to KITM as we all try to get a handle on the tragedy in Orlando, emotionally, politically, and factually.

Greg Dworkin gives us support, and hope, calling in from Newtown: A Sandy Hook Survivor offers advice for Orlando. Mourning in Orlando.

Or you could congratulate Donald Trump. Donald likes applause following tragedies. Von Clownstick worries about Obama’s patriotism. Trump isn’t pivoting. Ambulance chasing does not seem to be helping Donald Trump’s polling. Louis C.K. quickly and simply explains who to vote for.

David and Greg discuss the protocol for linking an attack to ISIS and what "Lone Wolf" means.

Armando helps analyse the logic supporting the hot takes, and not so hot takes, and also predicts that we'll be seeing many Latinos on the casualty list.

The Orlando shooter was investigated for claiming to be linked to the Boston Marathon bombing. What would the shooter have said if he was caught alive, and what would his lawyer say?

Christina Grimmie’s church adds 49 Souls to its prayers after the Orlando massacre.

Eventually, too quickly, the media will move on, and Trump U. will be waiting for them. The Gop never noticed, is it because grifting is in their DNA?

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