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With the great blizzard on its way, Greg Dworkin dashed in briefly to share headlines of Charles Blow's son's encounter with police, Everybody Hates Chris Christie, Steve King's Iowa clown show. Is Markos running for Congress? Better question: why would I read that article instead of just asking him? Breitbart World slapfight! How long will Mitch McConnell's open amendment pledge last? It's already over. And Republicans are already considering their own filibuster changes. On a related note: the legal & political backstory on the 20-week abortion ban.

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The owner of most of the Arabian peninsula, Mr. Saud, has died. Since he was a king, that's important. Mrs. Windsor, though, knows how to deal with these fellows. (And good on her for keeping her name, by the way.) Armando joins in to discuss Marco Rubio's prospects, Ben Carson's past health care views, and who'll show up at the Steve King bonkers circus. Some follow-up to yesterday's gun-in-a-Walmart story. 2016 field elevator pitches. The Gop can't stay out of the rape minefield. And here is why.

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Greg Dworkin rounds up top stories of the day. Mike Huckabee & cultural resentment. NY State Assembly Speaker arrested. Good economic news in housing. Way-too-early polling says Hillary's got a huge lead. House anti-abortion bill briefly derailed. More on the measles. Armando takes the wheel on Sheldon Silver & NY political machines. A white "vigilante" tackles (and puts in a choke hold) a black FL man he spotted carrying a (legal) concealed gun into Walmart. We're back on cake controversies. Deflate-gate: has "too big to fail" arrived in the NFL? Undercover NJ State Trooper used to photograph protestors at Christie event.

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It's all about the State of the Union today, plus the fifty-seven responses. Greg Dworkin rounds up SOTU news, reactions and analysis. Christie may be toast, but he keeps his social media team busy. And their distribution list secret. Disney workers coming down with measles. Chronic Lyme news: Real Housewife, Fake Disease. Boston heart surgeon shot by disgruntled patient. A spate of fatal accidental kid shootings gives us lots to examine. Joan McCarter was on the ground in Boise for President Obama's visit, but also, because she lives there. She reviews SOTU highlights and reactions, as well as the Gop response, and what's on tap in Congress, like KXL, Social Security. 2016 hopefuls summoned before the Koch brothers. Why the CDC isn't researching gun violence.

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Greg Dworkin rounds up a long weekend's worth of stories. Dinesh D'Souza thinks he's MLK. A look back at the real man's work, his contemporary opposition, and today's tributes. SOTU previews from critics and others. Why the Gop still has no health care policy. Congressional Gop's "secret weapon" bypasses the filibuster, which used to be awesome at guaranteeing the Founders' intent, etc. Polling updates on the 2016 field, plus issues. Santorum Etch-a-Sketches his family's immigration history, and the microscopes turn to Jeb. And Billmon reads the electorate. Lauren Mayer's "Welcome Back, Mitter!" Politico's "The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership" entices Armando to call in on a range of gun-related issues, American Sniper and more. Another super-conservative caught doing pretty much everything she condemns.

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We didn't have Greg with us this morning, but we did have his list of headlines. "Soft power" plans at the Republican retreat. Sarah Palin re-re-launches TV show. And it's spelled wrong. MI Gov. Snyder vetoes a Republican gun bill. Updating CT's first-in-nation sick days law. New Jerseyans say Christie's nothing special, at best. Scott Walker is in. So's Perry. And Ted Cruz makes it harder for everyone. Saud-ish blogger gets temporary reprieve. Remember all that stuff about "bending the curve" on health care? Here's some bent ones. Midwestern Republicans do immigration differently. Rosalyn MacGregor says Republicans coincidentally have another wildly bigoted wacko rising in their ranks: MI RNC member Dave Agema. What part of "shall not be infringed" do I not understand? The part that takes three weeks to teach that. Lastly, a KITM-style parsing of a report that the White House knew about the CIA's Senate snooping.

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Wake up, Idaho! TSA caught someone trying to board a flight with a circular saw in Pocatello the other day. TX gun enthusiasts run a Charlie Hebdo shooting simulation with an armed civilian in the office. Everyone still died. Pretty much what ABC's 20/20 found more than five years ago. Yet another accidental shooting in a Walmart. Still more TX gun enthusiasts tip their hand while lobbying for their favorite gun bill. Joan McCarter dropped by to defend Idaho, and round up happenings in Congress including Wall St. deregulation, undermining Social Security, the possible future of the filibuster, and how Daily Kos is helping keep Dems in line. Also, the meaningless but fun Jason Chaffetz vs. Darrell Issa portrait battle. Even post-conviction, justice is a different game for the rich and/or powerful.

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Geez, Ted Cruz had a thin resume when he first became Texas Solicitor General. Oh, and he had some booze in his car when he was a teenager. Greg Dworkin says nobody's buying Mitt 3.0. Republicans in disarray! And rounds up the Charlie Hebdo (and Dieudonné) news. The most French thing ever? The doc who championed hand washing & how they got rid of him. Do workplace wellness programs work? For whom? Armando takes the reins for further discussion of the Charlie Hebdo issues. Then, the conclusion of "Fundamentalist wrath."

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First order of business today: Denounce the stupidity of lingering over the "issue" of President Obama not going to Paris. Second order of business: Explain this stance for over an hour. Third: Invite Armando to join in doing so. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) calls for an investigation of Chris Christie's gang rifling the E-ZPass files of political enemies. Antonio Weiss withdraws his bid for a top Treasury job. Mitt Romney is totes serious, and it'll be different this time. Columbus brought out the riot cops after Ohio State won the national championship game, but only to control the "revelers." Paul Waldman's "note" on Obama & the Paris march. Parsing the issues and factors in "Fundamentalist wrath."

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Greg Dworkin leads discussion (in which Armando joins) of Charlie Hebdo reactions, and the many & varying issues swirling around them, around the world & right here at home on Daily Kos. Also discussed: the attempt to make a political issue of President Obama's non-attendance at the Paris demonstration. DA who declined to indict over the Eric Garner death says no talking about it. The filibuster and "getting things done." A small collection of GunFAIL stories that show how divided we are even on the definitions of the things we're "debating." And let's all give Chris Christie control of the NSA & drones, because he's already using government to spy on political enemies.

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