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Greg Dworkin recaps the Sebelius appearance on the Hill, the continued debunking of ACA "horror" stories, and the latest polling. We were joined by Joan McCarter, discussing the "can you keep" your crappy insurance flap, the next Senate nominations standoff, NSA snooping (including brain-shattering statements from House Intel chair Mike Rogers), and the Food Stamp Cliff. A Halloween story: Tired of "sexy" everything costumes (including "Sexy Hamburger")? Tired enough to say a website dedicated to better costumes for women and girls should get $10,000+? Hmm. And from Joshua Holland at BillMoyers.com, "The High Cost of Low Taxes."

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Reminder: CREDO Mobile's special offer for our listeners ends at the end of the month! Greg Dworkin rounds up the latest news on ACA implementation, Kathleen Sebelius' appearance on the Hill, the Virginia elections, and the retreat from the Republican and Tea Party brands continues. Ryan Grim and Jason Linkins at HuffPo offer up "The Definitive Guide to Decoding Washington's Anonymous Sources." Ryan Cooper's "The Filibuster Must Die." Think Progress' "How Sequestration Gets Even Worse Next Year." And the Center for Public Integrity's shocking series on how coal giants use their high-powered lawyers and in-house medical "experts" to keep killing their miners with black lung.

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Greg Dworkin rounds up the day's ACA implementation news, and today that centers on questions of whether premiums are headed up or down. And where you stand on the ACA at large has a lot to do with how you'll describe what's happening. Especially if you're Suzanne Somers. And a reminder of the state of the upcoming elections in Virginia. The hot ACA debate of the day is over the meaning of the President's promise that "if you like your insurance, you can keep it." What does it mean to say you "like your insurance?" Does anyone really like it? Or do they just dislike change even more? And if you do like it, it's probably just because the CEO of your carrier hasn't figured out a way to make you pay more for it without making you hate it enough to switch. Next, "Chris Christie: America's most overrated governor." And Think Progress says the House is prepared to pass a Citigroup-written law "gutting a Dodd-Frank financial reform provision that forced federally-insured banks to cease trading in derivatives."

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Greg Dworkin sets the theme for the morning. And basically, it's this: political science says most political arguments aren't working. An update on the ACA website issues. And a tour of the weekend's most interesting long reads: Keller/Greenwald, and Posner. The NSA turns out, probably to no one's genuine surprise, is monitoring pretty much everybody in the world. Lindsey Graham threatens to block all appointments in the Senate, because Benghazi. Your Gang of 14, ladies and gentlemen. And just as a vote on the general counself for the NLRB comes up, too. Meanwhile, the House insists it wants to hold a vote disapproving of the debt ceiling hike. So, do you think this is a healthy time to be discussing the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius from HHS? The Hill reminds us of the existence of the "Food Stamp Cliff." Why is it a cliff? What's going to happen? And what does it tell us about the basic nature of the Republicans we're dealing with today? Well, pretty much the same thing that Brian Beutler (and Digby) said. Armando weighs in on the basic illogic of it all, plus the insanity of the attempted Benghazi revival.

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Brought to you once again by CREDO Mobile! Greg Dworkin wraps up the week in healthcare.gov freak-outs, and suggests that maybe we're coming to the end of the effective life of that issue. But despite that, expect more partisan heckling. Meanwhile, WaPo-ABC polling data shows Gop favorability cratering among key demographics. We discuss the Michael Hayden/Tom Matzzie Amtrak encounter. How Fox News set up a fellow reporter for attacks (because fair & balanced). Follow-up on the question of whether the Koch brothers did or didn't bankroll the shutdown strategy. Christine O'Donnell elbows her way back into the news (and let's face it, I let her). Let her example be a lesson to campaing-in-a-box-ers. Revisiting the complex issue of prison privatization, via a HuffPost investigation of privatized juvenile facilities.

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Greg Dworkin recaps the ACA website news, including Norm Ornstein's latest on where the buck ultimately stops, and his predictions about how the traditional media are likely to cover the continuing story. Also: Chris Christie's weakness in the 2016 contest. A reminder that the water resources authorization bill under consideration in the House this week is the proper place for that Kentucky dam project to have been handled. Why did they rush it through in the CR to reopen the government when the proper bill was moving the next week? Jon Perr's "How Democrats helped Republicans save BushCare." Ari Berman's coverage of how the Texas voter ID law is discriminating against women! A conversation with CREDO political director Becky Bond, about how CREDO works, what moves them to action, and what they're up to right now. Alex Pareene takes a shot at the JPMorgan Chase settlement. And just to expand horizons a bit, a critique of Jeremy Paxman's interview with Russell Brand  on the UK's Newsnight program.

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Greg Dworkin recaps post-shutdown polling. There's still more confirming the disastrous results for Republicans, and they're so bad, it's starting to bring the future of party control of the House into question. Only Clive Crook hasn't heard the news yet, apparently. And Tea Party supporters simply refuse to hear it. Also: a rare cookie for Ron Fournier, and the firings at AP over the story-that-wasn't-about-Terry McAuliffe. The extraordinary derpitude of Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC). We closely parse her terrible dodges on health care, but remember, she's had a terrible month, scoring brain-shattering hits on shutdown derp & even gun safety derp, as well. Which reminds me, people are still accidentally shooting themselves. A lot. And if there's a way to top GunFAIL, it's gotta be NukeFAIL. Finally, we check in with loyal overseas listener GideonAB, whose eye has been on the role of HHS Sec. Sebelius in the healthcare.gov launch, and on continued pressure to bring punishment down on Edward Snowden.

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Greg Dworkin updates us on the latest polling buzz: CNN's survey basically showing that everybody thinks it's a bad idea for Republicans to be in control of the House. There's actually much more to it, of course. And Greg breaks it down. Plus, a reminder that the ACA website problems will be much in the news today. Conservative blind squirrel: "Tea Party needs to recognize that it's playing with live ammo." Random notes: Max Blumenthal's tweet on Adolph Reed's observation about an early-career Barack Obama; the Sunday NY Daily News' surprising (maybe) take on the JPMorgan Chase settlement news, and; the Star-Ledger's incoherent endorsement of Chris Christie, right alongside their questions about his politicization of the state's judicial system. Finally, a look at the decision to include a conference on the FY2014 budget in the agreement ending the shutdown. How does voting in conference work? And why have a conference at all? Is it to try to give a platform to Grand Bargain talks?

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Another show brought to you by our fine friends at CREDO Mobile! Greg Dworkin rounds up the CW from the shutdown fallout, analysis pointing the finger at Gop "moderates," as opposed to the Tea Party, "The Truthiness of Rand Paul," the Gop donor class versus Tea Party, Virginia's bluing trend, and continuing ACA website woes. The political dynamics of earmarks and "pork." Is the Republican ban on earmarks in the House undermining leadership control? And speaking of earmarks, we dig a little deeper into that mysterious provision of the CR dealing with the dam project on the Illinois/Kentucky border. Conflicting stories, here! Plus, a guided tour of how to figure out the intentionally obscure methodologies used in earmarking. This, by the way, is the second "flavor" of transparency, without which simple data transparency is really useless. Also, Kevin Drum's "The Conservative Fundraising Racket, Part 674." And, witnessing the birth of a conservative Twitter freakout!

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Begin the countdown to the next shutdown! This one is over, and Greg Dworkin helps us wrap up the politics, including the vote count, the emergence of "big whoop" journalism from the what had been the "both sides" camp, and the real meaning of the "why won't Obama lead?" code: it really means, "why haven't you cut entitlements?" Unscathed in all the drama: the conservative article of faith which states that they only lose because they're not conservative enough. More Gop fault lines: Grover Norquist claims to be mad at defunders. Recapping the elements of the deal. How you paid for Ted Cruz's $24 billion mailing list. And just how did that number get decided on, anyway? The Atlantic names "32 Republicans Who Caused the Government Shutdown." What Cruz's fake filibuster should have taught us about predicting yesterday's cave. That reinsurance fee, explained. Interesting Tea Party insight from the New York Review of Books, of all places. And finally, a frightening and abusive FBI practice comes to light. Targeting American Muslims, of course.

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