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Greg Dworkin updated us on the Connecticut legislature's progress toward a vote on new gun safety measures, and notes that a new polling report says the fervor for reform on a national level hasn't dimmed appreciably in the months since 12/14. Indianapolis "Moms Demand Action" rally for gun law reform draws a counter-protest: guys who just want to stand right up next to you with their AR-15s. Because Freedom. Just one of the weird meta twists that protesting about guns by showing up with guns can lend to an already tense situation. Also: a local city council declares all future laws restricting guns to be unconstitutional, because they love the Constitution so much, except for the part about supremacy and also the separation of powers. Later, a story about college fraternities and liability insurance leads to speculation about how they might feel about proposed laws allowing guns on campus. Despite her CPAC railing against high-priced political consultants, turns out most of Sarah Palin's PAC money has gone to... high-priced political consultants. Surprise! Just the latest in a long line of pols who use their PACs as lifestyle slush funds. Finally, we finish up on the "trickle-down consumption" article, and yell at WalMart some more, this time for contemplating a plan to trick their customers into becoming unpaid delivery drivers. Dolts, or evil geniuses? You decide.

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Greg Dworkin joined the early discussion of our new category of #GunFAIL emerges: guns people claim they "forgot" they were carrying. At airports, courthouses and other secure areas. Cold, dead hands! But also, I totally forgot I even had a gun! Wanting to have things both ways on guns isn't anything new, but it seems particularly outrageous that the same people for whom guns are the end-all, be-all could also forget they even have them. Well, if that doesn't suprise you, you probably also won't be surprised to learn there are those who don't see much point in the TSA screening for guns at all, which is another amazing thing discovered during this inquiry. Also: police departments around the country are having trouble finding enough bullets to keep their officers supplied, thanks to the nationwide panic and run on ammunition inspired by believers in gun confiscation conspiracy theories. The second half of the show was a broad economic discussion centering on the surprising development that Wal-Mart seems to be running itself into the ground in a vicious cycle wherein the drive for ever bigger management bonuses become dependent on keeping payroll--their largest cost center--down, but then seeing short-staffing hurt sales, which they compensate for by... cutting payroll. If that's not a metaphor for spending cut-driven budget hawkery, I don't know what is.

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Somehow, people keep shooting one another and doing various other wacky things with their guns, so we keep covering it. Greg Dworkin joins us to discuss developments including the decision in the town of Enfield, CT to put armed guards in their schools, the pullback in South Carolina from their proposed Docs 'n Glocks gag rule, and the marriage equality issues currently before the Supreme Court. Armando also joins in the discussion on today's DOMA proceedings, taking on issues of justiciability, standing and others which underlie the substantive issues. In between, we discussed a statistical analysis of guns and safety issues as written up in the UK Guardian, and two recent #GunFAIL incidents that almost perfectly crystalize the issues behind those statistics, namely that gun owners appear much more likely to inject themselves in dangerous ways into already dangerous situations, relying on a false sense of security their guns may sometimes give them. And of course, we had to take note of the insane story out of Tennessee of the "Sharia Sink" in the state capitol, and Glenn Beck's insistence that the ethics investigation into Michele Bachmann's failed presidential bid is really a Muslim Brotherhood plot against her.

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All eyes are on the Supreme Court today, as it considers the California Prop. 8 question and perhaps the future of marriage equality rights across the country. Greg Dworkin and Armando helped round out the conversation on that topic, noting both the wider social and political trends that make up the context in which the case will be decided as well as the legal and mechanical framework. Two very different ways of looking at the case and its potential impact. We also read Sally Kohn's Salon piece making another key point bound up in the issue: that there are questions beyond marriage equality that have, for strategic reasons, been set aside, but which will necessarily come to the fore once this issue is settled. Specifically, is it worth elevating marriage above other familial relationships at all? And even if it is, is it fair to do so? Expect that to be the future of the debate. Also discussed: that last entry among "The 5 Shadiest Crimes Ever Pulled Off by Famous Corporations," specifically, The Battle of Blair Mountain, and; a fascinating and well-lawyered immigration case that highlights the value of some of President Obama's small steps toward meaningful reform.

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Plenty of #GunFAIL and gun-related discussion today. Greg Dworkin updated us on his extensive interview with Australian 60 Minutes on the events in Newtown, and on the pace of legislative responses on gun policy. Among the latest to take note of the #GunFAIL phenomenon is The New Yorker, wherein we learn the historical lesson that "melancholy accident" was the original hashtag used by newspapers of the colonial era and early 19th century. We also read Mark Sumner's Sunday Kos piece, "Congratulations on your new gun laws." Switching gears for some economic analysis, we read Salon's "How rich 'moochers' hurt America," and then four entries from "The 5 Shadiest Crimes Ever Pulled Off by Famous Corporations," from Cracked magazine, of all places! Humor and entertainment outlets have a better read on the news these days than most newsrooms do, it seems. Sigh.

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Beset by a different set of technical difficulties today, the show went on anyway! There was much more to discuss about the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war, mostly focusing on the toxic political atmosphere that existed, and still plagues us in many ways to this day. Greg Dworkin joined us despite the live stream outage, to discuss the current state of play of federal gun policy legislation and state gun gag laws on physicians. In other news, Sen. Coburn amends the continuing resolution to block the National Science Foundation from funding research not directly connected to national security or the country's economic interests, the real target of which is apparently the funding of political science research, including surveys of American voters' attitudes toward the Senate and the filibuster, and study of presidential executive powers. Both of those are hot topics on the show, of course. And what have they got to do with the rest of the day's stories? Well, don't the boundaries of executive power have anything to do with, say, getting us into a boondoggle of a war that compromised both our national security and our economic interests? Republicans just can't ever seem to see the forest for the trees.

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The 10th anniversary of the Iraq war continues to dominate the discussion today, but of course we can connect it to other top issues, like the strangely Very Serious push for austerity and slashing of the social safety net, which every Very Serious traditional media analyst agrees is absolutely imperative, despite the shrill cries of those who say the evidence points to the necessity for the exact opposite. But other than that, in no other way are the two stories related. Except of course for the deficit "crisis" having been largely created by that war, which was supposed to pay for itself and be a cakewalk. We also take a brief detour for an update on the week in Congress, including the parliamentary maneuverings around the continuing resolution and the competing budget resolutions, including a discussion of how and why the Senate hasn't produced a budget for the past few years but will this year. Afterwards, Armando joins us to take the discussion back to the parallels between the Iraq war political landscape and today's austerity craze.

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The 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war gives us as good a reason as any to focus on the Republican history of being wrong and/or ineffective on pretty much everything, since forever. Wrong on foreign policy? See Nixon's interference with Vietnam peace talks, Reagan's interference with Iranian hostage negotiations and Iran-Contra, and the disaster of Iraq. Wrong on the economy, taxes and the social safety net? See their dire warnings of tyranny and socialism from 1935, 1965, 1993 and today. Wrong on their ability to reach out to minorities? See the history of their failed attempts but repeated patting of their own backs for "trying." And of course, wrong on guns and what to do about them, even when those in favor of working out some common sense reforms offer up those the NRA has offered up in the past. Hey, can't we have some kind of bipartisan compromise on a Grand Bargain with these people? Lucy promised she'd let Charlie Brown kick the football this time. So isn't it Charlie Brown's responsibility to lead now?

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Everything you want in a Monday morning show. Lousy weather and technical difficulties! Republicans in disarray! Yes, one branch of the bitterly divided Republican party is attempting a reboot, while the CPAC branch stomps its feet, bravely endorsing both dynastic libertarianism and the brave protest of drinking a very large Diet Coke on stage, in defiance of... New York City's Republican mayor. Greg Dworkin reflected on the Republican autopsy, as many are calling the report, noting in particular that they're well aware that most voters see them as "narrow minded" and "scary." Hi, CPAC! On the gun front, the NRA steps up its efforts to prevent local authorities from revoking gun rights from the target of protective restraining orders. That ought to help win back the 80+ percent parting ways with them on background checks! Some #GunFAIL stories, new and old that challenge some assumptions. South Carolina looks to join the fool's parade, barring physicians from asking about guns in the home. In other news: Congress continues work on the continuing resolution and on next year's budget. Media Matters points out that Jennifer Rubin is waving around a report that debunks everything she wrote about the New Black Panthers, but saying it proves her right. What a shock. The story of how the federal SNAP program sustains fully one-third of Woonsocket, RI. The implications of reinvigorating labor law with a new fighter at the Labor Department.

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It's Friday, and that means it's time for publishing the next installment of #GunFAIL. And that in turn means it's another big gun discussion day. Greg Dworkin called in with news of the big multi-group gun policy meeting in Newtown, including more talk about the need for hard data on gun incidents, and viewing gun policy as a public health issue. A few interesting points crystallized by gun news include the enormous costs associated with recovery from wounds, and where those costs (thanks to many other socio-economic factors figuring into gun ownership and usage) tend to fall on the income scale. In other news: Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) changes his view on marriage equality after revealing that his own son is gay. And in not-exactly-news: the Popes Benedict were a weird bunch, historically speaking. Lastly, we finish up reading and discussing the Mother Jones piece, "All Work and No Pay."

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