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Kagro in the Morning - January 31, 2017

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Ever notice how the big news happens when KITM is off the air? Before we can debut our “24/7 David Waldman” channel we first need to address the impending cancellation of the long-running and popular “United States of America”:

Last night Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates, for betrayal and weakness. We are early enough in the Trump junta to find Sally Yates a hero and not a martyr, so today’s debate is only whether she should have quit before she was fired. David and Armando attempt to get ahead of curve to discuss how and why this guy finds himself AG and this guy did not, along with the order of succession within the Department of Justice, and the prescience of Barack Obama's AG executive order.

Why would Trump follow a previous President’s Executive Order? Why would House Judiciary Committee aides help draft directives without telling Republican leaders? The intellectual godfather of Trump’s hard-line actions, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III, wants Attorneys General to have independence and integrity, and wishes Sally Yates well in her future endeavours.

Why would “people” be changed to “citizens” in the White House memory of what the United States Constitution says? Why is NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr. speaking out against Trump, but Democrats are thinking of keeping their “powder dry” on the Supreme Court pick? Find out on today’s show!

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Kagro in the Morning - January 30, 2017
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Kagro in the Morning - January 27, 2017

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Look, David and I have better things to do.  

At least, that is what our families tell us each month when the bills roll around, and we talk about college, medical bills, retirement, a piece of the ceiling falling down because of some leak in our daughter’s ceiling… stuff like that. Money could make our world go around a lot smoother, and allow us to help keep us sane a little bit longer.

It’s easy!

David Waldman welcomes us to Connect-The-Dots Friday:

We survive the end of “Week One” for a fat-ass Dumb Baby, uninterested in governing, or even being a real President. In fact, his Day One moves were just copied from Mitt Romney’s playbook. He uses his time and the force of the United States Government to stroke his ego, and prove to all how much he is loved. At the same time, his staff destroys Democratic (and democratic) opposition, strangles accountability and access to the press, and eliminates all staff with foreign policy knowledge.

Week Two he plans to meet with “V. Putin” and will lift Russian sanctions. Week Two!

So. Is Donald Trump a puppet or no puppet? Holy crap look at this Rachel Maddow segment. Once you catch your breath, now keep in mind that the Trump campaign already used Military-grade data gathering and PsyOps on you. Trump knows you better than you know yourself, because you cheerfully told him everything. Well, not just him, but Vladimir Putin too. Have a great weekend!

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Kagro in the Morning - January 26, 2017
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Kagro in the Morning - January 25, 2017

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David Waldman starts the KITM countdown to the end of Donald P. Trump’s term… What do you figure —  Two weeks? Three? Anyhow, if he did quit he sure wouldn’t tell you

Greg Dworkin reminds us that Trump is an agent of chaos. The good news is, exposing Trump’s lies delegitimizes his presidency, which who knows, could maybe slow him down eventually. Right now the propaganda is being shoveled like none has ever been before. Trump has all liars on deck, gaslighting as many as they can. The Donald’s rave reviews keep pouring in! The legend of Trump continues with a trip to CIA, where he explained intelligence agencies were Nazis, assured the CIA he meant the exact opposite and then they gave him a 5 minute standing ovation. Still, some losers are skeptical of His greatness... Someone is cheating! Trump will fix that. Right after he sends federal jack-boots into Chicago to confiscate a few firearms. All Donald wants is to enjoy his day, but sometimes people just get on his nerves.

But what if he loses his mind

Social media postings sometimes provide an important window into a person’s #mentalhealth.

Joan McCarter tells us about everything else hitting the fan while we stare at the head crazy. Democrats demanded more information on alleged insider trading from HHS pick Tom Price, and so he gave them more lies. Mick Mulvaney, nominated to head the Office of Management and Budget, even promised to be worse.  Like any of that’ll matter, as even Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown are waving them in. The Women’s March sends spines to DC, in hopes someone will use them.

The Alt National Park Service shows us how to resist, and Greenpeace steps up, way up. It’s time to punch Nazis, metaphorically, preferably.

Hey, wait a minute—presidential memoranda vs. executive orders. What's the difference?

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Kagro in the Morning - January 24, 2017

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Today on KITM, David Waldman addresses the dilemma we face now: Our president is a dumb baby. Certainly, he is a lying dumb baby. He is probably a crazy lying dumb baby. Now he is the President of the United States, making him the most powerful crazy lying dumb baby on Earth. The last few days, the first few days of his administration, have made him a thoroughly enraged most powerful crazy lying dumb baby.

​Armando implores us to remember, when confronted with an easily enraged crazy dumb baby on a political ticket, to make our vote count strategically, and pragmatically, before we bestow the most power on Earth to the guy. Here is what we get: The Keystone XL and DAPL pipelines will be built, and the EPA is under a gag order as Trump team shuts down grants, and press communication. Republicans run interference, as their “blame Obama for Obamacare repeal” strategy kicks off, and Orrin Hatch wrings his hands in concern over the Democrats reaction, which is to slow down confirmation while we find out WTF’s going on with these people.

Life is getting crazier every minute. Want to close your eyes, and pick a place outside the Untied States to visit for a while? Try Tobermory, Canada!

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Kagro in the Morning - January 23, 2017

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David Waldman wisely chose the World Wide Web to distribute today’s KITM, thus guaranteeing the largest audience, ever, to witness a political blog show. Period

Since last week’s show we had a teeny weenie inauguration of the giant red tie wrapped loser, then on Saturday the world stood for women and that was pretty glorious. (Sean Spicer is a loon.)

To start off this week Greg Dworkin tells us that first we need to stop waiting for Trump to make sense. Donald P. Trump is here to destroy norms and be a chaos agent.

The traditional way of reporting is dead. First, the White House is for beginners. The pros need to go outside and do their jobs. Learn from veteran reporters that have had to suffer this around the world

Trump paid actors to fill the room when he announced his run for president a year ago. Just think of what we will find out a year from now, a year too late! Donald has not yet resigned from his companies. You aren’t going to see his taxes. His sidestepping conflict-of-interests through advisors worries ethics experts. Release the slew of lawsuits!

Trump will retain his private intelligence and security force. David has an alternative theory. U.S. spies fear our allies will stop sharing their intel with us.

Don’t worry about what Trump says, worry about what he does. This weekend we got to see his character in action.


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Kagro in the Morning - January 20, 2017

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Shhhh. Breathe!  Slowly, in... and out. Picture yourself on a sunny beach, ocean waves gently lapping upon the shore, and escape one more time with David Waldman and KITM as we head into Day One.

It is not warm nor sunny in Washington DC today. There aren’t a lot of bodies to gain heat from either. Some people reminisce about warmer rainbow-filled evenings long ago, some just create a complete fantasy world to live in.

It’s a busy day for Donald P. Trump. He has to listen to a dummy tell him what to say, then meet with a bunch of lying idiots. Trump is trying to make some new friends with old Obama appointees, but some haters and losers are still ghosting him, and nine, or eight, Gop senators are set to annoy him. Even the DOD shafted him on his request to show some muscle, but today he becomes their boss, so maybe he’ll show some tomorrow. Meanwhile stay out of the way of the motorcade, and bullets.

Remember when being Anti-Facist was considered a good thing? The times might be changing, with the help of moles, plants, rats, and James O’Keefe. People now need to decide which way their restaurant leans before looking at the menu

An animatronic puppet (no puppet!) with a big participation trophy is unveiled in the Mar-a-Lago lobby, but people complained about the lack of realism.

As Barack Obama rides off into the sunset, commuting sentences as he goes, David shows us the way forward: Resist. Defend. Never consent. And Delay. This is how he plans to do it.

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Kagro in the Morning - January 19, 2017

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Take some time to finish reading any novels today, as fiction will cease tomorrow.

Donald Trump holds reality and mendacity in equal regard. Snowflake Donald is triggered when people lie about him, or tell the truth about him. So, can the rest of us find common ground by embracing truth

Greg Dworkin calls in and increases David Waldman’s stress level. Over a third of Americans say Trump's election increased their stress. Pediatricians stress out as Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy, Jrendanger millions of children. Educators stress out as Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos endanger millions of children. Meanwhile, psychologists “enhance” our interrogation techniques, and those techniques are due for even more enhancement.

Rick Perry, perpetually saying “Whaaaa?”, enters yet another learning curve as Energy Secretary.

Donald Trump is going to take an ax to government spending, passing the savings, and a pile of cash to… well, the line forms behind Scott Walker. Commerce Secretary pick Wilbur Ross fired an undocumented employee before his hearing, and White House budget director pick Mick Mulvaney didn’t pay taxes on an employee, but they’ll both have to try a lot harder to create a “Gate” in today’s climate.

Life for journalists keeps getting tougher. The Trump Hotel in Washington is banning the media, which could be illegal. Even a fake journalist paying his rent by making up Hillary stories, had his day job terminated for reporting the (fake) news.

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Kagro in the Morning - January 18, 2017

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We keep heading towards the inauguration. OK, not all of us are heading there, but there will no doubt be a Day One eventually, and David Waldman with KITM will be there on Day Two (hopefully) to help us dig out.

Probable Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was taken to school in yesterday’s hearings. To the amazement of all, DeVos was not eaten by a bear, as we have not yet realized the need to bear arms against armed bears

Greg Dworkin rounds up some polls, and it turns out they still don’t like Trump. They are beginning to really appreciate Obamacare (and Obama) however. The story of Obamacare’s impact is growing as it becomes apparent that the Republicans really mean the “Repeal” of “Repeal and Replace”. Greg points out that Trump’s narrative requires a foil, so he wishes Hillary Clinton was still around, and explains why he tried to paint John Lewis, of all people, as a snowflake. The more specific Democrats are about solutions, the more difficult it becomes to put them into Trump’s “story”.

Who are Trump’s next enemy? Just look at the visuals he’s planning.

Joan McCarter stops by for a while before having to go back to the confirmation hearings. Coming up is health and human services pick Tom Price, who is chock full of scandal. Republicans in red states are surprised to find they aren’t heroes for slaying Obamacare.

Not all of Trump’s nominees are going to be automatically processed into their positions. Andrew Puzder might just turn down his Labor Secretary offer. 

Donald says “I was never even In that room for that period of time” when the peeing and the prostitutes and the Putining occurred. (So, if anyone turns up with a video of him entering that room, well then it did happen, but not for “that period of time”.)

Popular neo-Nazi blogger resigns in shame after revelation his wife is Jewish, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

David updates his LinkedIn profile to include “Sand-In-the-Gears Application Assistant.”

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