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Kagro in the Morning - October 31, 2016

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David Waldman has barely a week remaining to determine how Hope Hicks does it. KITM reports from the political front line, as bombshells explode left and right.

Greg Dworkin steps forward to congratulate the winner, no matter who it might be. So far the polls aren’t being swayed, although pundits will have their theories, analysts their analysis and bird watchers their black swans. Fox Democrats quit Clinton, but they like quitting.

Then there is James Comey. Everybody is certain that James Comey screwed up. Comey is why we can’t have nice norms. Harry Reid takes off the gloves! (Harry never wears gloves.)

You can tell Trump’s lying when his lips move, but can he? Trump flunky Chris Christie was Trump’s VP pick, then Donald ditched him for Pence. Donald Trump’s companies destroyed emails in defiance of court orders. Donald Trump, who lies about golf, and skiing, claims to be the best baseball player in New York. And, of course, there is Trump and charities.

Taylor Swift has something that most victims of sexual misconduct never get: Photographic evidence.

Josie Duffy Rice brings her Friday visit to Monday to talk judicial elections and misconduct. Arizona prosecutor with more death sentences than 99.5 percent of counties is up for re-election. He also wants to preserve racially-biased marijuana prohibitionA Houston DA jailed a rape victim, covered up the destruction of 21,000 pieces of evidence—and now wants your vote. A Phoenix prosecutor’s office stands to lose millions of dollars if marijuana's legal, so he is against legalizing it.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 28, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - October 27, 2016

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Tune into KITM today for David Waldman’s rant about rant-worthy Morning Joe and that guy not running for President, then stick around for more fun and smart stuff!

Greg Dworkin shakes us awake with that USC Dornsife / LA Times poll, reminding us to get out and vote, then get out the vote. Hillary Clinton, Democrats, the nation need our help right now, although, you know, she’s doing OK. Millennials are on board finally, Clinton has doubled her lead on CNBC’s latest survey. She’s making Trump voters anxious with her 6 point lead in the ABC poll. She’s ahead by 7 points in crucial Pennsylvania, and she’s up by a couple in the IBD/TIPP Presidential Election Tracking Poll, the poll that eventually ends up right. The Yale Record does NOT endorse Hillary Clinton, and they have several good reasons for not doing so.

This is all great news for Donald Trump. It is hard for them to imagine it being more wonderful. But what is really going on behind the scenes at Trump/Bannon Inc.? A look inside the Trump Bunker with 12 days to go.

Greg and David also discuss how Obamacare has played politically, and ask whatever happened to the conservative intellectual?

Three great reasons to GOTV: The Trump campaign’s three major voter suppression operations.

David takes us back up into the Trump Tower of terror. Expect the worst each time the elevator door opens. Watch out for the tongue!

And yes... we talked about the FIFA scandals & Chuck Blazer back in June of 2015. This is just one of four shows during which it was discussed!

Good news if you know someone on your Christmas shopping list that enjoys holding automatic weapons and testicles! (No word yet on the AR-15 Rusty Trombone attachment.)

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Kagro in the Morning - October 26, 2016

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David Waldman has voted! If you can vote early too, that could be a good thing. Once you bank your vote, then maybe on election day you can volunteer to drive voters to polling places!

All of us will have voted two weeks from now. Greg Dworkin still won’t let us turn away from the Right’s horrific final weeks. An assembly of idiots fell in with the strategic genius to make 2016 into a referendum on the question, “Are women human beings”? Newt Gingrich wonders why everyone is so obsessed with petty sensationalistic sex when we could be talking about Bill Clinton. Roger Stone already made fake badges for his poll busters, but they got caught before the fun could start. Everyone is getting in line to drain the right-wing swamp. Has Trump initiated Idiocracy, or just eliminated scandal as a measure of a candidate? Here are a bunch of graphics to help you understand.

Donald Trump sounds anti-semitic, and he kind of talks like a woman, but does he really speak to old people?

Of course, a lot of other people are running for election, also with two weeks to go. Clinton’s 12 point lead is helping down ballot, but it is still a dead heat for Congress. President Obama is unleashed and unmuzzled. Hillary’s secret weapon in Florida is no secret to Armando. Millennials have many good reasons to vote Clinton.

Joan McCarter brings all the insight you expect her to bring to the down ticket races, and helps throw a few tires on the Trump fire as well. The Russians are trying to throw shade on our election ... wonder where they got that idea? Harry Reid has laid the groundwork to nuke the filibuster of Supreme Court nominees, will Chuck Schumer deliver? Bill Clinton explains the whole Obamacare story you're not getting from the traditional media. Marco Rubio thinks his last name is enough to make other Latinos forget that he's backing Donald Trump in this election. It's not. Mitch McConnell tosses his oath of office onto the ash heap

Don’t tell Newt, but here are some new Trump sex scandals: When Kelly Preston and John Travolta's son died, Donald consoled Kelly by reminding her that she is so hot. Donald let his tongue do the talking with Paula Patrice.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 25, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - October 24, 2016

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There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re taking it one day at a time. The race remains, as Greg Dworkin reminds us, stable as always. The latest polls are rolling in. If the election were held today, you’d be able to vote today. You should look into it. This year has produced another right wing King of Crazy.

Clinton opponents remain convinced that Wikileaks will reveal the true banality of evil. And “oversampling” is the new “deem & pass.” Don’t miss out on your chance to lay the conspiracy bare!

It’s said that Donald Trump cheats at golf. And we know he’s at least a bit of a braggart about it. Thanks to his latest accuser, as well as a related story from last week, we now have some real data against which to judge his claims. No, golf isn’t important. But then, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone cheating quite like The Donald. With the possible exception of Kim Jong Il.

After a little more chatter about the antics of the deplorables, Armando visited to raise the issue of third parties and alternative voting methods. No experts, we. But here are some people who know the mechanics of how it would work. Though we still have our doubts about how much changes in terms of policy-making.


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Kagro in the Morning - October 21, 2016

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It’s not Halloween for 10 days, and Donald Trump is already horrifying millions. KITM is your Trump Terror headquarters going into the weekend, and today, David Waldman delivers the latest shocks. Jaws dropped in horror at an Al Smith dinner no one will ever forget as Donald Trump delivers his campaign eulogy. And, no one has recovered from Donald’s frightening and stupid refusal to endorse the election, except the elites on Morning Joe.

Greg Dworkin brings us more scary news for the Gop: Trump’s electoral map is getting tinier and tinier, because no one likes a loser. Donald self immolated at the last debate, but Hillary handed him the matches. Clinton probably finished off Trump, no not probably, it’s over. And not just for Trump. Kelly Ayotte is down 8 points now. 

Josie Duffy Rice makes her Friday KITM visit to remind us to always scrutinize the down ticket races, and to check with her if there is a DA race. Joe Arpaio isn’t the only bad public servant in AZ, they also have a really bad prosecutor, Bill Montgomery.

Russia has been preparing a vast, covert, and unprecedented campaign of political sabotage against the United States and its allies for more than a year. John Podesta and Colin Powell’s accounts were hacked when they clicked that e-mail link they shouldn’t have.

So, on to next week’s Trump scandals: A Russian-born, mafia-Trump-Putin-linked businessman came over to Trump tower for some undisclosed stuff, and dropped off 5 grand. The Trump Foundation moved 10 grand over to James O’Keefe. And, the Financial Times finds links between Trump and an international money laundering network. Meanwhile Trump’s kid steals lemonade at the In-N-Out.

David discovers the Red/Blue divide dates back to the early Cretaceous period.

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Kagro in the Morning - Octoer 20, 2016

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Wow, that debate. What can you say? If you are still stunned speechless, relax, David Waldman and KITM will take care of the talking for the next two hours.

Greg Dworkin looks at all the data, to better tell you who might win November 8, or he might feel like keeping you in suspense. Who knows, but Hillary Clinton did win the final debate. Viewers haven’t quite had time to fully absorb last night, but that isn’t keeping battleground states from flipping to blue. Now that Donald’s got no strings to hold him down, it’s time for revenge. That, whining, and incredible denial should keep Trump’s days filled for the next couple of weeks. Pity his minions. Then there is Ann Coulter.

Donald Trump is even losing close friends! He and Roger Ailes no longer speak, and his porn superstar on the side got married. Sad!

Weaning us from Trump, David determines how the “Advise and Consent” clause could, and could not, be used to appoint Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 19, 2016

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Let’s all join David Waldman in singing danke schoën that the last presidential debate will soon be in the past. Donald Trump weirdly snubs Barack Obama’s brothers Mark, Bernard, George and David while adding Malik to the debate guest list.

Greg Dworkin says all bets are off for this presidential race. Really—they’re already paying out. If you can still get in, the over/under is 400 electoral votes. Some think something’s rigged. Trump followers think everything is rigged. Democrats move to rig the election with votes. Trump surrogates desperately bet on Trump, while continuing to lose. Even then, there are still a couple left that think he’ll win. Those people are wrong, crazy, or both. Republicans certainly look at things differently. Meanwhile, Donald Trump goes on a presidential death march we’ve never seen before. After the debate it will be about 19 more days until the first woman president is elected, and the roaches will scurry away.

Joan McCarter visits with election news of her own. Time is running out for President Obama’s nominations requiring senate confirmation. A new Democratic Senate could fix that. If a Republican Senate stays, they will be united against Clinton also. 

Marco Rubio says please come to the polls, they aren’t so rigged, as opponent Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy picks up endorsements from the four big newspapers in Florida.

David plays headline lightning round: Donald Trump asks for witnesses to his groping, 6 people say OK. CBS orders Candy Crush reality series, Julian Assange can no longer play Candy Crush, Ecuador cut his internet. Police van rams, parks on protesters in the Philippines. Hillary really should’ve invited David Fahrenthold to the debate. Russian hacker, hoodie optional, picked up the Czech police and the FBI.

More often, people have been crowdsourcing gun violence research, which David has been doing for a while. A.V. Club has noted David’s bolstering prowess with KITM’s recent Very Special Episode. Aren’t you glad that you gave us/will give us some money now?

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Kagro in the Morning - October 18, 2016

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Today David Waldman lights the fuse on the KITM mind cannon. Just try not to give into astonishment when countless basketballs of insight dribble themselves into your brain!

As Greg Dworkin has told you so many times, (and now Chuck Todd backs him up!) the presidential race has been amazingly stable. Which means Hillary Clinton continues her lead, and Donald Trump continues his leadership fail. So, Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump widens… and Donald Trump’s failure to lead also widens. Therefore, as even white suburbanites flee “idiot” Trump, Clinton forces move into Arizona. Hillary Clinton has even captured the coveted K-12 demographic. And, it doesn’t look like much will be squeezed out of the Clinton e-mail story, either.

Republicans only can hope that Republicans not voting for Trump will remember to vote the ticket for someone. Meanwhile, the votes are already coming in and are being counted in Iowa, and North Carolina. Steve Bannon tries to harness the power of crazy people.  

Speaking of the crazy, David delves into the mystic, machine elf, psychonautic, glossolalia-spouting voting bloc. Sit down with a heaping bowl of your favorite entheogen and take the trip with him. BTW, what was Emily Weeks smoking when she implied the NC GOP firebombing was covering up illegal activity?  

Donald Trump shows a ready submission to sharper minds. But, was Howard Stern abusing him, or just playing him

Some Republican senators’ fundraising was hacked and sent money to Russia for months. Thanks Putin!

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