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Kagro in the Morning - December 30, 2016

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David Waldman presents the final KITM of this sucky year. Did you make your New Year’s resolution yet? How about a donation to our worthy cause? Who knows, it could be tax deductible, which sure beats losing weight, or running every morning!

A handgun in Maine might resolve to be more careful, after accidentally tragedizing a local man to death. There is no word on whether the victim had time to contemplate his life choices. Charges could come this week for a deputy whose weapon, while not quite empty of projectiles during an experiment involving a force machine, yadda yadda a woman’s neck.

Our upcoming Leader of the Free World can say ”Islamic Terrorists”, and “Mexican Rapists”, but has an severe impediment involving “Russian Hackers”. Thankfully, Barack Obama has just the solution, although Trump doesn’t seem like the guy who’d take therapeutic intervention well. A couple of Russians being ousted were pretty eager to leave as it is. More important to Trump is of course, will China be his friend?

No one is more religious than Donald Trump. Still, there will be many at his inauguration vying for second place.

Corporate media finds the sweet spot—smart people can read the article, dumb people can read the headline. Paul Ryan’s plan to crackdown on streaming might be unconstitutional, but remember, business as usual is over.

And, our friendly Canadian Correspondent Brian Munroe reports that Canadians differ from Trump on their view of public health care!

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Yes, we are all aware that among the many things the PEOTUS will be in violation of when he is sworn in on January 20th, one will be the Emoluments Clause of the constitution. We at KITM expect a certain level of constitutional scholarship from our listeners, you know.

However, for this administration, you are going to have to step up your game.

Armando joins David Waldman in a wide-ranging pondering about the nature of a constitutional democracy. Why is our only national representative elected not so democratically, with electors? What is the actual point of having an electoral college

Meanwhile, the guy elected by the minority of the people will present his unique vision on unifying the majority of the country in a couple of weeks, by governing with the aid of the majority of the government, who were also elected by the minority of the people.


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Kagro in the Morning - December 28, 2016

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Well, it’s that time again to toss away our regrets like old wrapping paper, vow to become better at uplifting those around us and start shooting each other with our presents. ‘Tis the season for abject lessons in gun safety... Unfortunately, David Waldman will have plenty more #GunFAIL as we head into the season.

Although it seems that so many famous people dying would have to be “fake news”, real news just isn’t what someone wishes it to be. Greg Dworkin urges us to make standing up to bullies our objective for 2017. That includes not being a sycophant, too.

Armando reminds us that the most important thing to remember this year is that Donald Trump is Crrrrraaaaaaazzzzzzyyyy. But, if we make it all the way to an election, we should consider evenly apportioning Congressional districts to the electoral college.

It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans, and may have been interested in our Troll-In-Chief for years prior to the election. Yes, we knew about this for a while, but did not connect the dots, it seems.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports that a billionaire actually came up with a way to make Kalamazoo, Michigan Great Again.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 27, 2016

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OK, so the present’s not so great. Therefore today David Waldman looks toward the future, where it may not be so great either, but we don’t know that for certain! We might all get through this future together if you drop off a donation at Patreon. If you are a regular, then you know you need us, and we sure couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

David wonders about the legality of drones on the highway, and the legal gray area between a car assisting a driver, or a driver assisting a car down the road. Or is it up to the roads to assist the drivers and the cars?

High-tech teens hit the malls, the after-Christmas sales, and each other, all across the country, including a mall just a couple miles from me. Donald Trump expected more cheer would herald his coming.  

The GOP takes steps against social media observing what they’re up to.

Greg Dworkin lets us know that today may end up being pretty good... compared to tomorrow. What will Trump do when the economy goes south? Lying, and pretending it isn’t his problem are definitely on Donald’s palette. Stealing is available too, with that Supreme Court seat slipped in his pocket, and over 100 judicial vacancies right there for the taking.  

Dr. Tom Price, a big supporter of the AMA, and big money, but not a big supporter of the HHS, and patients, is of course put in control of the latter.

Did you know you can access KITM with one hand, while simultaneously donating blood with the other? Give one last gift this holiday season!

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - December 27, 2013 airing December 26, 2016

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It's an "encore performance" of our December 27, 2013 episode.

We're (briefly) back from the holiday break, having been captivated by the post-Christmas tweeting of photos of people displaying the new guns they got as gifts. Particularly those shown with their fingers on the trigger! Greg Dworkin wraps up his picks from the week's news, including Brainwrap's data on ACA sign-ups (over 5.75 million), Christopher Flavelle's "Somebody Has to Be Wrong About Obamacare," private sector Christmas package delivery problems, the NYT's "With Health Law Cemented, G.O.P. Debates Next Move," WaPo's "Hey Dems: the only way out on health care is through," and Susan Demas' "I know who the next president will be!" We reviewed the early returns on post-Christmas #GunFAIL. Kenzo Shibata's "Why the Left Must Embrace Affluenza." Dartagnan's top-recommended diary, "Why No Wall Street CEOs Were Prosecuted For Causing the Financial Crisis." Josh Tauberer notes 50% of the U.S. population lives in 1% of the land area. Think about that when looking at red/blue Congressional district maps. Lastly, we start looking at Jen Dziura's "When 'Life Hacking' Is Really White Privilege."

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Kagro in the Morning - December 23, 2016

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David Waldman did not present KITM “live” this morning. He presented a special “live-like” pre-recorded KITM heading into the holiday weekend...  Hey—what better way to address the unreality of the media world that created the character moving into the White House? 

The Apprentice seemed to be “reality” simply because it was labeled as “reality TV”, and originally the show, and the character of “Donald Trump”, were designed as comedy. Once audiences started believing the “reality” of “The Apprentice”, and “Donald Trump”, it wasn’t so funny anymore. David looks at how the reality was manipulated on The Apprentice, and how it is really not funny anymore.

Now, the government is casting regulars just like a TV show

That doesn’t mean that the Trump team is neglecting their twin goals of destroying government and enriching themselves. White House counsel pick Donald F. McGahn will defend the swamp by promoting agency dysfunction through gridlock and delay. At the DOJ, civil rights lawyers prepare themselves to take on the Least Racist Person in America.

You might have heard it first in those Jade Helm 15 emails from your uncle, but discover it second here: Clinton-era directive for natural disaster relief is enabling militarized police to come down on you, hard.

The War on Christmas has been won, except for the continuing battles on the War on Jews. A white supremacist website calls for reinforcements in Montana.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 22, 2016

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Greg Dworkin’s round-up called the tune for today, as is so often the case. First order of business: explaining why we spent yesterday talking about cilia and mucus.

Now, back to our studies. Learn all you can about Trump voters, but don’t lose sight of what they did. And don’t confuse the sources of their confusion, either.

Your daily dose of divination on the future of Obamacare, as researchers race to save data from the plundering Goths.

As with most things Trump, the longer we stare, the worse the story becomes. This time: how he’s choosing his cabinet.

Not all scientists are repulsed by Trump. But those who aren't are repulsive to the rest.

North Carolina’s Republican legislative coup rolls on, leaving Charlotte Dems holding the bag.

The FBI’s warrant for the Clinton emails was garbage, but lol yolo. And no, this is not normal.

How did America fall for this wave of “fake news?” Maybe it started with falling for “reality TV” that was never real, either. And neither were most of his biggest applause lines. But if The Wall isn’t happening, and he’s not going to “lock her up,” or “drain the swamp, then how do we know his supporters who love their Obamacare and are sure he won’t touch it aren’t right?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 21, 2016

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4 more days until Christmas!  Of course, it’s 30 days until Donald Trump can pass out drone strikes. Donald’s to give, the question is not if, or when, just where.

David Waldman recommends against loaded guns, or cases of mumps as last minute gift ideas.

Coach Greg Dworkin calls on us to play to win. It’s not the time to be timid. The Democrats brought a knife to a gun fight. But, even Republicans are afraid of the Trump enforcers.  

Voters really did switch to Trump at the last minute, and the FBI is under pressure to explain what they call a “warrant”, and what others call “appalling”. Mitch McConnell wasn’t prepared for this kind of success.

Those Trump Boys are at it again. Half a million or so buys a chance to hunt with a Trump. Alas, the offer was pulled back before Dick Cheney could take them up on it.

Joan McCarter tells us more about paying to play with the Trumps. Politico gives Breitbart goons and the fake press a forum to make threats against Congress. The Trump team half-asses a half-blind trust.

Bill O’Reilly stands up for White Nationalists.

Trump’s doctor says it’s no big deal if Donald’s health is bad, he has other patients.

President Obama scrambles to save the world in the days he has left.

A police officer lends his gun to a school robot that might have had a beef with the shop teacher.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 20, 2016

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David Waldman joins us in pining for the fjords as we approach Winter Solstice. Maybe we are just stunned. No one ever accused Trump followers of not having the ability to follow. Trumpsters know how to stick with their comrades. Democrats, meantime model the latest in sackcloth, while continuing to throw stones

Greg Dworkin coaches us to play politics as a team sport, that you can’t win if you don’t participate. Colorado is exploring how to keep its Obamacare marketplace after the Obamacare repeal. Maybe the states will figure out how to save Obamacare.

Good news everyone—there was almost NO voter fraud

After election day, the tributes start to amass at Donald’s feet. Ivanka wants some Kuwaiti cash too. How can emoluments be a conflict when the Trumps like them so much? After all, there was a time when emoluments were such a corrupting influence that they would bar a candidate from office rather than risk damaging the constitution. If anyone cares anymore, Donald Trump is constitutionally tainted from Day One. He might even well be… well uhm...

Trump zealot over-zealously steals public property to impress Trump for Christmas.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 19, 2016

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December 19 probably won’t be awfully infamous, but it does have the potential of being pretty memorable. By the time you read this, the electoral college vote will probably be history, and maybe just another bitter little memory. It depends on how moral our faithless electors will decide to be.

David Waldman describes how rival factions fight for power under Trump, as rival security teams watch each other for false moves.

Greg Dworkin helps us come to grips with President Elect Narcissist. Yes, Trump should seek help, but what adverse symptoms could we experience from his disorder? No mandate will mean a short leash, should Donald choose to wear one. The problem is, Trump supporters are as deluded as he is.  What do all of us sane people plan to do? Poland picks “Law and Justice” over sanity.


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