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Kagro in the Morning - October 30, 2015
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Kagro in the Morning - October 29, 2015

Already tired of Republican debates? Well, there are 11 more to go - 4 this February. And, they are certain to not be any more substantive or enlightening than this one. So, what can you do? Listen to David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando on today's Kagro in the Morning. Today's show is everything the debates were not: insightful, meaningful, factual, truthful and entertaining. After listening, drop by recurrency.us, because by then you should have a good idea of how much you'd like to donate.

Jeb! has a lot of really cool things he could be doing right now. Good news! His debate performance is quickly making this possible.

Carson up, but his personality will catch up with him - Trump's has already, although his numbers probably have always been inflated. The debaters don't like the media, but may dislike the facts even more.  Rubio and Cruz may end standing by laying low now.

Paul Ryan did get elected Speaker of the House, with 9 voting against him. Here's a handy reference guide, previewing the fights he will have in store.

David and Armando discuss the US Constitution's Origination Clause, which factors into court challenges to Obamacare.  David dissects an article on the false promise of judicial restraint. This article was written by George Will, so unless you are a trained professional like David, do not attempt this alone.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 28, 2015

David Waldman brings us news of another gun left out, another toddler dead, 72nd this year, this time in Georgia.

Here's some good news: There's a Republican debate tonight! The subject is "The Economy", but everyone just wants to see a fight and it looks good for that.

Greg Dworkin calls in with all sorts of news and analysis you can think about between the spats tonight:

The debate will only remind us of how weak the establishment is.  Tonight is only another turn of Jeb!'s downward spiral. Marco Rubio will remind us of how he hates his present job. Is Rubio John Edwards? John Kasich will remind us of how much he hates the conservative base. Donald Trump will beg for first place again.

Bernie Sander's planners for some reason decide to reveal their hand.

The new spending deal is more of a political victory than a fiscal one - but political victories are pretty fun too. Is it the beginning of the end for all or nothing politics? What sort of barn did John Boehner leave Paul Ryan?

Now the target moves to over to Obama's prized climate rule. Greg recommends the long-read "The Plan to Save the World".

David explores whether we have reached "Peak Madness" as Jason Chaffetz introduces a resolution to impeach the IRS commissioner, four days after the Justice Department closes its investigation.

Mark Meadows finally got Boehner out of the Speaker seat, but didn't get that rush he expected. Was he outfoxed by Paul Ryan? Now he expects Ryan to get in line.

Joan McCarter returns from vacation to talk about the budget deal that really isn't the budget, not really an appropriations bill, and doesn't actually keep the government open. Nonetheless, congressional nihilists and Paul Ryan hate it, but are unlikely to kill it. That won't keep them from one last ineffectual gesture.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 27, 2015

David Waldman opens with the depressing, disturbing and all too usual news of a toddler being shot- 71st this year. Leaving guns out for kids is not home protection, therefore is not natural law.

Greg Dworkin
brings us polling and news of the world:

The White House and the Gop seemed to have reached a budget agreement, so Boehner's work here is done.

Ben Carson leads Republicans nationally now. How is this possible? How does apocalyptic pessimism rally their base? Why so grumpy? Did Sarah start it? Although maybe Jeb! should be a little bummed.

Meanwhile, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner begins to clarify the Democratic race. Sanders supporters hope to stay away from Howard Dean comparisons.

Greenland is melting away, and you can watch it.

The FBI is investigating The Hobby Lobby's violation of laws based on at least a couple commandments.

The House science committee is worse than the Benghazi committee, and the Planned Parenthood committee has not even started yet.

Political action committees do have a few scams in place for soaking the rubes, but David wonders if candidates might be actively laundering money with bulk book buying schemes?

The bipartisan budget agreement does not include a Liberty Lobby or a Galt Garret, but it does include provisions for a Freedom Foyer.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 26, 2015

Just like that pop-up message asking you to sign that petition, David Waldman is back in your face again - but in a more pleasant, helpful and interesting way:

Ben Carson quintuples down on his loonier Holocaust and gun talking points, adding several others along the way.

Neither Rand Paul nor Bacon is your friend.

Greg Dworkin rounds up opinions and polling to discuss:

Hillary Clinton is likely to be the next president, but Bernie Sanders is still out there fighting. Republicans still picture a downfall (and probably will every moment of Clinton's terms.) Here is what Gop bumperstickers mean by "lies". Trey Gowdy figures that it is also Hillary Clinton's fault that the Benghazi hearings made Republicans look bad... And the Republicans blame the Freedom Caucus for Paul Ryan?

Less people support the Tea Party and less people support Jeb! Bush. Will Marco Rubio be the last person standing? Maybe not.

David reviews the Freedom Caucus, who they are, and how they were able to get the Republicans to where they are today.

FBI director believes crime is up because police have stage fright. Maybe they just don't like a surveillance state?

Do people that run into difficulties with their pocket pistols believe that taking most precautions is as good as taking all precautions?  

You have been warned that they are coming to take your guns, but now we have discovered who they are.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 23, 2015

David Waldman explores what the options could be for the Democratic party and the 2016 presidential election considering the sudden departure of Lincoln Chaffee from Primary contention. And:

Greg Dworkin reviews the Benghazi Hearing with Hillary Clinton yesterday as another step in solidifying the nomination, and the election, as well as her image as the wonk-competent candidate. Some in the Gop, on the other hand, may come up with a different opinion.

Iowa, not representative of the political make up of America, or maybe even the Republican Party, is still first in line for nomination ballots, and Ben Carson is well-liked there, but look out for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio moving up through the pack. Jeb!, however, burns through money, time, and support.  Donald Trump is probably at peak Trump, even as a punchline - except in South Africa where "Trump is like the hippopotamus, which rapidly twirls its tail to create a fan through which it defecates, throwing a noxious cloud on all around"

David takes another deep, deep dive into parliamentary law and procedure to discuss Paul Ryan's agreement to delay discussion about reforming the "motion to vacate" procedural motion. Ted Cruz solidifies his Gimmetarian credentials by sending a full repeal of ObamaCare to the president's desk. Marco Rubio, a Gimmy from way back, is having a hard time staying on the straight and narrow, although his staff suggests a little stealing from Starbucks couldn't hurt.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 22, 2015

David Waldman returns from yesterday’s talk about fake moderate Paul Ryan’s fake settling of fake problems with his probably real bosses the Freedom Caucus - his analysis looking pretty accurate, btw.

Greg Dworkin breaks the news that Joe Biden is still out of the presidential race, returning the people that imagined him running to considering the candidates actually doing so.

Democratic polling shows the Upstart Underdog with manifestly enthusiastic supporters closing on the Presumptive Nominee with superior organization going into the Iowa caucus.

As for Republicans, Iowa demonstrates little interest in rationality, or consistency, but quite a lot for Ben Carson.

Hillary Clinton will spend the day with Trey Gowdy and friends, the biggest question being when and where did it all go wrong for the Republicans? To answer, you can either look at the giant mountain of facts, or you can look at the the new set of spin they plan to sell themselves.

Armando continues to not wreck his car when calling in about the many complex issues of today. Topics include the history of journalistic failure, polling's dirty secret, the subtleties of the Trans-pacific Partnership, and Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus vs. Paul Davis Ryan.

Gun expert with his hand down his pants in the theater learns a new thing about his gun. Apparently, he spent time in the Army, but missed the lesson on how to tell his rifle from his gun.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 21, 2015

Greg Dworkin is busy at work, Joan McCarter is busy on vacation, so David Waldman gives us something different - devoting his entire show to one specific issue, Paul Ryan's "conditional" announcement for Gop House Speaker, and the opposition from the House Freedom Caucus. David creates a running commentary and annotation of the Vox.com article entitled, "The House Freedom Caucus has some good ideas on how the US House should operate." What other program would take the time to explain the HFC, their demands for reform and the cyclical nature of those demands so you can understand it? No one.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 20, 2015

There's a new movie out soon, and folks up north are up to something, but we have an election the November after next so there is lots for David Waldman to tackle today:

Justin Trudeau's Liberal party wins big in the Canada elections.

Trolls ride the wave of Star Wars fervor, creating a trend on Twitter, mostly of people telling them to shut up.

Greg Dworkin calls in with new polling analysis: Hillary Clinton pulls further ahead, offering very little encouragement for Joe Biden's likely candidacy.  

Trump and Carson keep going up as Carly Fiorina (down 11 points) and Jeb! (just 9 points in home state Florida) plummet.

Benghazi committee Republicans announce that they will be tough, fair, professional, balanced, non-ideological, hard-working, courteous, fact-centric, focused, and courageous when they question Hillary Clinton on Thursday. Trey Gowdy will attempt credibility. Meanwhile, finding a House Gop Speaker eludes them. Paul Ryan may throw them a bone, but doesn't want to take any crap from the Freedom Caucus.

Is Bernie Sanders a Social Democrat, Democratic Socialist Capitalist, or what? Armando explains that Sanders should not let labels get in the way of his message.

Why should Americans care about Canada's election?

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