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It's Friday, Friday... you know the rest. Greg Dworkin parsed the polling and punditry. Todd Akin took a beating. Republicans were (once again) caught perpetrating the only thing approaching voter fraud that ever actually happens. The shift that wasn't, on Republican tax strategy. And Mitt Romney raises the bar on jerkiness, blaming veterans' suicides on the defense budget (but not Ryan's vote to slash it).

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We're back, live and in person, with the show today. Not that that matters, since this is a description that only accompanies the podcast. Still, it means that there's a brand new show for you to download today, and that's always worth mentioning. Greg Dworkin joined us to take another crack at the "unskew the polls" nonsense, and update us on what the real ones are actually saying. In the spotlight today: the latest Bain-related videos, including the one from 1985, featuring Mitt Romney discussing the business model of "harvesting" companies for profit; Sheldon Adelson's $100 million investment in a potential $2 billion tax cut and maybe a free pass on the current federal investigation of his overseas operations, and; the skyrocketing record number of filibusters in the Senate since Dems took control in 2007.

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Our regular visit from Greg Dworkin addresses the mysteries of the Republican obsession with "unskewing" the polling, based on, well, nothing. Yet apparently, it's catching on. So be on the lookout for Poll Truthers in a media outlet near you. Plus: people are still scratching their heads over Mitt Romney's proposal to add power windows to the nation's fleet of airliners; Florida is still straining to tamp down on voting-while-a-Democrat, and; Rand Paul still seeking a standing ovation for his one hour of "tireless work" blocking Senate business.

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Back from the weekend following The Worst Week Ever for Romney, during which Romney puts a cherry on top of his FAIL sundae, casually acknowledging on 60 Minutes that it's right and fair that people who make $50,000 ought to pay a higher tax rate than he does on his millions. Thanks, Willard! We had our extended Monday polling & punditry round-up today, with Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser, and took a historical but still political detour to discuss the H2 network's show, "How the States Got Their Shapes." Fascinating stuff. Seriously!

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Today's Kagro in the Morning show reviewed the coverage from two major Senate debates last night, in Massachusetts and Virginia, and watched the polling and punditry trends with Greg Dworkin. From there, it's another extended connect-the-dots session pulling in the "fiscal cliff," the old "Super Committee," Blue Dogs and their dwindling influence, the stimulus plan vote, and Kent Conrad's commitment to the Zombie Simpson-Bowles "report."

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A giant bonanza of polls were turned loose for today's polling & punditry roundup with Greg Dworkin. And Mitt Romney kept the 47% flame alive by making a series of bizarre claims about editing, context, and "debunking," so yeah, we went there again. Also, the UC Davis Pepper Spray cop gets a pass from the District Attorney, leading us to an expansive discussion about the militarization of the police and the use of "non-lethal" weaponry against protestors. Oh, and Republicans in the Senate charge that if it wasn't for the Constitution, they'd totally nail Harry Reid. Stupid Constitution! Repeal Article I!

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It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so why not raid ye a pension fund & bury yer loot on Grand Cayman, to mark the occasion? Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular polling and punditry analysis. We turn an eye to the Orange Co., FL Earned Sick Time ballot initiative. And yes, Romney's 47% tape still looms large -- launching us into today's big "connect the dots" discussion of tax expenditures, subsidies, and the true nature of "mooching."

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Wow. Romney World is on fire today, and there's really just no oxygen out there for anything but Romney's secret tape 47% comments. There's no getting around it, that's the topic of the day. Greg Dworkin joined the show to talk polls, punditry & trends. And from there, it's a free-ranging discussion of the broader themes and the granular fine points packed into this tiny snippet. Including a reading of the web-famous "Open Letter to that 53% Guy."

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Happy 5773, Earth! You don't look a day over 5750, if you ask me. It's September 17th, and Occupy Wall Street is back out on the streets, marking its anniversary. Daily Kos contributing editors Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser joined the show with their polling and punditry roundups, plus listener calls led us to discussions of the importance of your vote (especially in local elections) and the unfortunate decline in impact and value of Bob Woodward's insider journalism.

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Camp Romney goes all in on the crazy, declaring that there would be no anti-American sentiment in the Middle East if Mitt Romney were president. Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular polling and punditry round-up. Laura Clawson updated us on the Chicago teachers' strike. And Adam Bonin recapped the Pennsylvania Supreme Court arguments over their new, controversial voter ID law.

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