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Kagro in the Morning - April 30, 2015

Greg Dworkin joins us, with Baltimore still dominating the headlines, and Baltimore mom still being debated. Sanders is in, facing long odds as expected, but along with O'Malley, adding to the bigger picture. Back to the subject of mass protest, a cop reportedly tells a NYC crowd "If we could arrest all of you we might." What if they could? What if we kept giving police the tools to get closer and closer to that? Or what if we gave them tools that let them track or even punish protesters they can't physically arrest? Aren't we doing that right now? Do we even know who's tracking us at this point? Mike Lee says he can do something about it. But can he? Can anyone? Hell, the Senate couldn't even really manage to curtail their own powers (as with the zombie "secret hold"). How can they expect to curtail executive power that claims it's unrestrainable? Should we be worried that it hasn't been that long since George Bush claimed it, and now his brother's running?

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Kagro in the Morning - APril 29, 2015

Apparently, Bill Kristol invokes Hitler a lot. And he's terrible on Baltimore. Cable news coverage once again found wanting. Crazy Texans get crazy governor to do crazy thing. SCOTUS hears death penalty cases with issues in play as broad as they are deep. Liberia kicks out homeopaths there to experiment with Ebola "cures." Bernie Sanders is in. Grousing to follow. How does the 2016 field stack up historically in terms of endorsements? Can governors running in 2016 walk the tightrope? A roundup of marriage equality items. Joan McCarter discusses the issues of the day, plus the latest budget hang-ups, the Gop's Obamacare fix-vs.-repair conundrum, and Rick Scott's continuing Medicaid suit drama. Secret recording surfaces of Robert Bates, bragging about using Sheriff's Dept. connections to do favors for friends, and harass enemies.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 28, 2015

Baltimore dominates the morning headlines, so Greg Dworkin points us first to Ta-Nehisi Coates. Shifting gears, three views on guns, from scientists, the public, and the government. And there's always the view that just rejects reality, as with the ACA & the pundits of doom. Baltimore's mayor botches a line & the right goes bonkers. An area teacher's Facebook post offers an alternative story of the descent into violence. Remarkable comments from an Orioles exec. Tulsa Sheriff finds a scapegoat. Study: Gun ownership and uncontrollable anger go hand in hand. But there's more. What if I told you that guns actually spray copious amounts of a powerful neurotoxin known to spark anger and impulse control issues? Crazy, right? Well, what if I told you the neurotoxin was... lead? The app that tells gun enthusiasts how to find the homes of people they think are anti-gun.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 27, 2015

Turns out there's some minor interest in Jeb's SuperPAC after all, though Greg Dworkin notes Nate Silver's comment on what Jeb's money hasn't done for him so far. Marco Rubio becomes flavor of the month. Jeb stumbles into a pro-"death panel" stance. Polling on Iran, marriage equality. W thinks he should be heard on the Middle East. Speaking of marriage equality, arguments before SCOTUS tomorrow. In anticipation of the arguments, or more precisely, the mechanics of the coming decision, Armando joins the discussion, and adds observations on both conservative and liberal aspersions against Clinton. And of course, we end up getting all theoretical about the political role of the Court.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 24, 2015

Greg Dworkin rounds up the traditional media's "smoke/fire" takes on Clinton, not to mention the weird deals feeding those smoky/hot takes. Oh, plus also some more Benghazi. Even the Gop's "fresh faces" are stuck pretending to be old faces. Analyzing the 2016 fundamentals. Thank God someone in the press finally tells Hillary how to Clinton. Rosalyn MacGregor notes MI voters soon head to the polls on a critical sales tax & roads proposal. The Clinton Rules are back. (If they ever left.) The 10-vote gap between the Lynch cloture & confirmation votes, explained. Can hipsters make unions retro cool? While we're asking, can they make corporate governance retro cool, too?

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Kagro in the Morning - April 23, 2015

Interesting mix we put together today! NC warns people near Duke Energy plants not to drink their water, though they're still not allowed to "stand their ground" against Duke, I guess. Armando brings us back to electoral politics, with questions about why the keen press curiosity about the Clinton Foundation seems to be missing with respect to, for instance, Jeb Bush's SuperPAC, which of course is not supposed to be connected with Jeb in the first place, but whatevs. The latest from Tulsa: investigators concluded in 2009 that "reserve deputy" Robert Bates had received special treatment during training and in the field, telling deputies who questioned his actions "that he could do what he wanted, and that anyone who had a problem with him should go see the sheriff." Well, it was nice while it lasted, America. Who should bear the costs of fast food restaurant robberies? Surprise! Franchise owners say the employees should!

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Kagro in the Morning - April 22, 2015

Greg Dworkin notes Obama's trip to the Everglades to talk about climate change, which you're not allowed to say in Florida; Rick Scott's anti-Obamacare "tantrum," and Scott Walker squanders his first opening. Ted Cruz as college debate dick. Will [X] make more Jewish-Americans vote Republican? Still no. Joan McCarter visits to bring us up to speed on the Senate trafficking bill/Lynch nomination deal, Patriot Act reauthorization, TPP Fast Track, Ron Johnson's idea of delaying Obamacare-swiping until after his next election, more on Rick Scott's tantrum/lawsuit, and Trey Gowdy's decision to drop a Benghazi report in the middle of the 2016 election. Finally, Stephen Wolf's "The richest 0.01 percent of Americans gave 42 percent of political donations in 2012," and how the NRA may be evading federal campaign law.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 21, 2015

Today's gun conversation: certain people are pretty sure they are super-awesome at convincing their kids not to touch guns. So that problem's solved! Greg Dworkin rounds up polling news, where Clinton dominates all comers. The Village is unsurprised. Warren's message gets required acknowledgement. Does Huckabee matter? Christie still toast, loses allies, with no McCain "comeback" in the cards. Docs want Dr. Oz out. Where did this 420 thing come from? The exciting conclusion of "The Free-Market Fantasy," plus a brief peek at the cold roots of libertarianism. A follow-up to the "pattern recognition" discussion sparked by the FBI crime lab news: right or wrong, our brains are hard wired for this.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 20, 2015

Guy who flew his gyrocopter into DC to protest big money in politics is baffled as to how people have become distracted from his message. Lazy, shiftless workers skip out on their jobs. Oh, I mean, patriotic first responders express "safety concerns." Big story of the day: for decades, the FBI's crime lab techs helped convict defendants based on seriously flawed hair "matching" analyses. But the flaws are way, way bigger than the analyses themselves! Arliss Bunny helps us explain why. Did Tulsa Co. falsify Robert Bates' training records? The records he's provided don't actually measure up. It's no surprise that the wealthy want/need the rest of us to think of free markets as "natural." Just how far off the mark might that be?

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Kagro in the Morning - April 17, 2015

We took a time-traveling, patchwork approach to today's show. If you only heard the show live, check out the <strong>extended podcast version</strong> & see what we mean! First, some discussion of the exploding scandal of the Tulsa County, OK "reserve deputy" program. Then, Meteor Blades checks in with an update on the Iran deal and the related Congressional maneuverings, plus a heads-up on the fast-moving TPP situation. Finally, the long-awaited reading & discussion of James Fallows' "The Tragedy of the American Military."

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