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Kagro in the Morning - December 31, 2015

Kagro in the Morning wraps things up for the year! And by the way, how’s your corn hole? Greg Dworkin rounds up the day’s political headlines. Twitter’s abuzz with links to Nate Cohn’s explanation of Trump supporters, but is anybody buying Jeb’s? The Year in Gaffes. Gop-ers still trying to split five Iowa votes 10 ways. But is it all for naught? It’s looks that way on paper. An alarming note on year-end GunFAIL: Five family members or significant others have been accidentally shot in the homes of cops, just since Christmas! Armando dives enthusiastically into the predictions game, not just on primary contests, but on policy, issues, and the next presidential term. And following up on some previous KITM stories: a top head rolls in the Flint, MI water scandal; Trump’s spokestroll turns out to be just the kind of Gimmetarian you thought she was; and Congress actually does something about plastic micro-bead pollution.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 30, 2015

David Waldman makes it to the middle of the week, and almost to the end of the year with the help of guests Joan & Greg: 

Greg Dworkin brings us campaign highlights and lowlights: Donald Trump’s bile is a healing balm, although Trump voters are out for revenge, and Trump’s spokeswoman is out for revenge, although she seems like a nice person.  

The experienced presidential candidates know enough to get the Hell out, leaving The Republican establishment figuring out how to tweak the system to still get what they want. The WSJ thinks the “cluster” option is still the least likely.

Chris Christie’s checkbook meets new friends at the airport. Sheldon Adelson has a journalist built to his liking.

Joan McCarter looks ahead to the pointless, symbolic fights coming in the new year.

Maniac Trio Ted Cruz, Steve King and Louie Goehmert will bring the insanity on tour for 2016.

A bruised Planned Parenthood gears up for even more attacks in the election year.

But first, The Potato Drop!

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Kagro in the Morning - December 29, 2015

David Waldman returns from both a vacation and a cold to tackle the many items of varying importance that have been begging to be tackled.

Greg Dworkin gives us the inside line on who’s the best bet in the presidential horse race. Hillary Clinton is way ahead, with Trump and Cruz way back. It doesn’t look like much of a race so far, unless you concentrate on the Gop pack with Rubio falling, Cruz rising. Establishment darling Marco Rubio is not really representative of anyone, as people notice the political natural is not a natural for the job. How about a Jeb! comeback?

None of us want to miss the climatic explosion of Donald Trump, which enriches the media, and destroys the Republican party. Bernie Sanders thinks he might catch some of the pieces raining down, Donald Trump sees a disaster

Paul Ryan shows he can govern — big mistake. Instead of fighting ISIS, South Carolina backs the Confederacy. Girl shot in face expected to survive, probably did not expect to be shot in the face.

Jerry Lewis damages his legacy by insulting Obama, praising Trump, Reagan

"Affluenza" teen visits Puerto Vallarta right in the middle of tourist season, realizes his mistake.

David reports that Ruby Tuesday is overpriced for what you get there

​People that accidentally shoot themselves in Montana get several depressing surprises, including air ambulance bills.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - December 30, 2013 airing December 28, 2015

Struck down by the kids' Christmas colds, we had to re-air our Dec. 30, 2013 episode: Morning wingnut outrage: Someone said "spooning" on CNN, and that's Teh Sex! Morning meta-debate: does criticism of the NYT's Benghazi story require on-the-ground reporting? Greg Dworkin focuses the morning madness with a round of ACA stories. Charles Gaba (aka Brainwrap) gets front page WaPo notice for his signup calculations. Greg's next story becomes the first hour obsession, the NBC coverage of how ACA implementation was impacting employees of a Michigan car dealership. But not before distracting us with the very wonkish notion of carving time up into infinitely small slices, to see if we can defeat federal health care policy. Or something. Then we double back to dissect that NBC News story, and it doesn't look like it holds up. The NSA is in the news again, and we read Cory Doctorow's treatment of the big Der Spiegel story. Also: Bloomberg reveals the new American Caymans, in South Dakota.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - December 31, 2014 airing December 25, 2015

Our last rerun of the Christmas break was our last live show of last year! Why "traditional media" instead of "mainstream media?" Explainer journalism time! Events have forced us to do yet another GunFAIL-focused show, as yet another toddler shoots and kills yet another mother with her own self-defense gun. Long story short, we parse this one closely. Silver lining: Idaho authorities & reporters have remembered they have some other gun issues to settle. In other poor gun decision news, the story of a shootout on the street after a convenience store robbery in South Carolina. Which is fine and keeps us safe, because reasons. Armando joins for discussion of the NYPD work slowdown, Marco Rubio saying something dumb, and how politics in 2015 might unfold. Oh, and by the way, bushmeat's not to blame for Ebola. Sorry about that. Vermont's crazy gubernatorial election will end in the state legislature. Not unprecedented, but TV ads might be! IL man who accidentally Second Amendmented himself made up a sob story that got him profiled in the local papers.

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Our December 30, 2015 episode returns! The GOP's Steve Scalise problem dominates the political news. Greg Dworkin picks up the subject, brings us the fascinating "Tragedy of the American Military," and draws police parallels, via TPM's "The Other Blue Nation." Dictator Obama claims power to reject legislation! And the "fleeting obsessions" of the WH press corps. Armando tries to help make some sense of the North Korean Sony hacking claims, but even with listener help, we're still not quite there. Also, the discussion of LBJ & Selma we teased yesterday. And finally, Jane Mayer pieces together the story of "The Unidentified Queen of Torture."

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - December 29, 2014 airing December 23, 2015

An "encore performance" of our Dec. 29, 2014 episode: We were back from a short break, and had some catching up to do with the NYPD's Pat Lynch-triggered PR debacle, as well as holiday GunFAIL. Greg Dworkin brought us a far-flung roundup, including the story of how "MTV has done more for the US teen birthrate than decades of policy." Polling on racial issues has an (unsurprising) red/blue divide. Racism vs. racial bias. Obama: lame duck, or honey badger? Jeb-mania! Christie-toast becomes crispier. TN finding its way to Medicaid expansion, and a reminder that S-CHIP is up for renewal in 2015. The latest airline disaster. And the worst media fails of 2014. Crossing racial bias with guns: Two white guys take BB guns off the shelves at WalMart & wander the store firing, and live to tell the tale. Also still alive after the weekend: the white woman who put on body armor and drove around, shooting up Chattanooga, and finally taking aim at police when they caught up with her. Not alive: the black man who police say fired a gun toward a crowd of club-goers, then at responding cops. They do Christmas differently in Texas, I guess. And PolitiFact's year-end roundup of the worst of political Internet memes. "Pants on Fire" doesn't even begin to cover some of these.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 22, 2015

Yesterday’s discussion between David, Greg & Armando about the Bernie Sanders campaign and the practical realities of contemporary political campaigns and party dynamics inspired a blog post describing the different viewpoint of some frustrated Progressives fighting out there in the trenches.

The Texas grand jury issues no indictments in the death of Sandra Bland — prosecutors usually get indictments when they really want one.

Video technology increasingly reveals possible police misconduct: In Los Angeles, one deputy accidentally shoots another, then shoots the suspect several times. In Paradise CA, an officer shoots a drunk driver, and doesn’t admit it.

David discusses  a new type of jihadist: part terrorist, part gangster — but is cloaking criminality with piousness really new? And how about cloaking criminality with patriotism?

An 82 year old woman calls police because she heard someone chanting, "ISIS is good, ISIS is great" while they were having sex. Maybe taking see something, say something a little too far? Or maybe she misheard?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 21, 2015

Happy Winter Solstice! Twitter’s abuzz with Miss Universe news, including the news that Robin Leach is still working. Good for you, Robin! Greg Dworkin rounds up weekend polling, horse race and debate news, strange bedfellows on Mid East dictators, and further discussion of the DNC data breach, with which Armando takes exception. Where’s Waldo Rubio? Cruz continues creeping. Santorum actually makes the news! Well, the ISIS news. 30% of Gop voters think they can bomb the genie back into the bottle. Commercial flights to and from Cuba are in our future. ISIS gives us another chance to blur the lines between politics and crime.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 18, 2015

David Waldman brings on the Friday Insanity, and there’s plenty:

Remember the War from Christmas?

Augusta County schools in Virginia closed after being hit by the perfect storm of ignorance, as calligraphy brings an abundance of caution and puddles of urine from school officials. Nothing to learn here, move on

Greg Dworkin hears you like the crazy, so he put some crazy in your crazy:

The Media still struggles with how to push back on Donald Trump, can he be contained, or just shut up for a minute? Trump remains the Honey Badger, and his backers like it, and would be there even if he wasn’t.

Cruz and Rubio continue to battle, as Rubio steps into Cruz’s trap, scaring Rubio’s money, and aggravating Latinos. The Republicans have been burning this bridge a while.

Bernie Sanders looks good to take NH, and now IA. Hillary Clinton leads 2-1, though, even with less “likability, and now the Sanders’ campaign takes a hit with a fired data director.

The House passes the Omnibus spending bill, now it’s through Demon Pass to the Senate.

David delves further into the shams, scams, and shell games of flim-flammer Martin Shkreli, who had learned from lessons taught by Bain capital, Gordon Gekko, Don Corleone, and generally all BBA courses to remember to drain the maximum available from every transaction, but didn’t learn to first legislate the crime out of his business dealings, and most importantly to build a good coalition of powerful political friends. Like ISIS and Saudi Arabia.


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