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Kagro in the Morning - March 31, 2016

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David Waldman, as always, looks into process questions today, but first the Alabama Governor sex scandal, because the process there is pretty simple.

Greg Dworkin makes an irate phone call to KITM, still sticking in plenty of useful information:

John Kasich will never earn Greg’s vote this way. Nobody likes Donald Trump, not even white men. Donald Trump, Womb Raider, does all he can to gain hatred. Trump rips the veneer off the political process, and the Gop will probably not get the veneer glued back on for a long time to come. Trump still has some good cons going. 

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are doing very well, Hillary Clinton by some measures is in better shape. By some measures, Bernie Sanders is not as successful...

Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor updates us on Michigan woes: The water crisis continues, but with much more finger pointing and blame shifting. Budget cuts probably contributed to the Flint crisis.

David dives back into the political process. Do you want representation? Fairness? Judgement? There is a process in place to attain that, all it takes is effort and time.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 30, 2016

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David Waldman reminds us that you can be a fan, and still disagree!

Barack Obama: “Do you miss me yet?”  

Everyone is so tired of the primaries, but Greg Dworkin is still is out there finding interesting things to look into: 

Trump was Trumpian last night. Donald Trump’s popularity nosedives. Trump’s aide says he’s doomed. Trump’s demographics are lousy. Eh, he didn’t want to be president anyway.

Any government policy creates winners and losers, but outside of anecdotes, what is the big picture?

Joan McCarter shows up to talk with David about ballots, black boxes, the butterfly effect, and yes Donald Trump. His lawsuit probably isn’t one, but he’s still fighting.

The Idaho governor does not want to expand Medicaid, because people with insurance “still die”. The 8 member Supreme Court is deadlocked on Zubik v. Burwell, and seems more confused about it as well. Chuck Grassley hides from Iowans, perhaps because he senses the danger his job is in.

Trump’s campaign manager who says he did not touch batter injure bruise really, overly hurt a reporter even after being arrested reporting to authorities. Maybe she had a miniature pen-bomb?

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Kagro in the Morning - March 29, 2016

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David Waldman doesn’t want to talk too much about Susan Sarandon. Neither does Greg Dworkin, so Greg quickly changes the subject: Donald Trump supporters really support Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton supporters really like her too.  

Bernie Sanders has had lots of good news lately, but that may not be enough, so his team has a long shot plan to flip super-delegates and “hijack” the nomination. Sanders’ election team has a hard time explaining this to the press.

Monte Frank returns to talk about Team 26 and this year's Sandy Hook Ride on Washington, and gives us the inside, local look at legislation to prevent gun violence, as well as the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus. How do Americans poll on guns?

There will be no charges in the #GunFAIL at the OK Corral incident.

South Carolina wants entire faith groups to be held liable if a refugee they support commits a crime. Meanwhile in the state, Cruz and Kasich anti-Trump double agents fan out.

Freedumb’s not free, as militia leader with ties to Bundy stand-offs in Oregon and Nevada seeks bankruptcy protection for the third time

A man who accidentally shot and killed a pregnant woman while twirling a revolver feels he’s been punished enough for that, will now get punished for drunkenly shooting a shotgun on his birthday.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 28, 2016

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David Waldman returns from his three day weekend, and hopes you had as nice as one as Bernie

Greg Dworkin backs up his big truck o’facts:

Attacks like the ones in Brussels and Pakistan may be on the increase because Da’ish are losing on their battlefields.  

Big weekend for Bernie! Bernie Sanders continues to dominate caucuses, but he’s about to run out of them. Sander’s big hope is California, where Democrats and even some Republicans brace for California nightmare Trump.

Over half of Sanders’ supporters believe Hillary Clinton will win. Reluctant votes count just as much as enthusiastic ones. Bernie or bust voters may not move a lot of votes away from Hillary Clinton, but Donald Trump might be moving a bunch towards her. Reagan Democrats became Republican 30 years ago, so Donald Trump can’t mine many of those.

Did the media create Donald Trump, or are people just voting for him? Or is it more complex than that?

David sings another verse of Don’t Fear the Superdelegates. If you feel that you aren’t represented by the government, put some time and effort into becoming the government.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - March 25, 2013 airing March 25, 2016

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Back in time three years, to a newly-relevant episode, in which we read Peter Manseau’s New Yorker piece, “Melancholy Accidents,” an article partially inspired by #GunFAIL, now expanded into a brand new book.

Plenty of #GunFAIL and gun-related discussion today. Greg Dworkin updated us on his extensive interview with Australian 60 Minutes on the events in Newtown, and on the pace of legislative responses on gun policy. Among the latest to take note of the #GunFAIL phenomenon is The New Yorker, wherein we learn the historical lesson that "melancholy accident" was the original hashtag used by newspapers of the colonial era and early 19th century. We also read Mark Sumner's Sunday Kos piece, "Congratulations on your new gun laws." Switching gears for some economic analysis, we read Salon's "How rich 'moochers' hurt America," and then four entries from "The 5 Shadiest Crimes Ever Pulled Off by Famous Corporations," from Cracked magazine, of all places! Humor and entertainment outlets have a better read on the news these days than most newsrooms do, it seems. Sigh.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 24, 2016

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David Waldman is not here tomorrow. Join him in turning off all of your devices to emerge blinking into the sunlight with your family and then go have some fun!

You could shop for a new home on Non-Trump Isle.

You could start your own mom & pop weed shop. (Whites only.)

You could dirty-talk your staffer/mistress on a recorded phone.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls and punditry, tossing in his thoughtful two cents: Donald Trump has plenty enough support going into the nomination, but voters will need to hold their nose tighter than ever if they want him elected president. Or Lindsey Graham’s 15th choice, Ted Cruz. It would be hard to choose.

Hillary Clinton is completely out-classed by Donald Trump’s Huge & Bigly negatives. Not even congress or the Gop can be less popular than Trump. As for Clinton vs. Sanders, Democrats are evenly split in their opinions, but their delegate count is not, although Bernie Sanders did great recently.

North Carolina enacts a law to allow LGBT discrimination in a very efficient 10 hours, even taking the time to throw in blocks to minimum wage, leave, benefits and child labor! You can’t get results that quick unless you reach across the aisle

Blackwater’s Founder is under investigation for money laundering, ties to Chinese Intel, and brokering mercenary services. Isn’t that all on his business cards?

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Kagro in the Morning - March 23, 2016

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David Waldman goes it alone today. Greg Dworkin couldn’t make it, but if you prefer your punditry rounded up and abbreviated you know where to go. AZ has Donald Trump and Hillary winning and extending their leads. Absentee voting has people voting for absent contenders. Trump engages in some lighthearted sexual harassment, other vulgar talking yam stuff. Trump and Cruz figure out what to do abut Brussels, ISIS, Muslims, whatever. Trump has some beans he may spill on his way to a mathematically impossible goal.

David revisits and further scrutinizes how John Kasich could rock our world like Rutherford B. Hayes vs. Samuel J. Tilden. Who knows what back room deals could be born this time? Silicon Valley and Uber do not see a difference between people having their needs met, and them getting paid for what they do and supply. Eh, they’ll replace them all with robots soon, anyway.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 22, 2016

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The breaking news this morning was the attacks on Brussels. You got to hope no one here would politicize a tragedy.

David Waldman still welcomes telephone interviews:

Greg Dworkin tells us the primaries and caucuses set for today are still going on. The big story is in Arizona — 75 delegates for Democrats, probably most to Clinton. Idaho & Utah combined 56, probably most to Sanders. Greg looks into today’s contests and what is at stake in the future. The “Establishment” Republicans game out their Trumpless future, but have a hard time finding team players for their fantasy league. Donald Trump charms the audience at AIPAC from suspicion over to enthusiasm. How can Trump be Hitler if he’s cheered by Jews? A Holocaust survivor tells his sonWill American police serve as Donald Trump's stormtroopers?

Today’s conspiracy theories: Is the War on Drugs just a war on political enemies? Is Silicon Valley’s future destroying everyone’s future? How about this one: A 130 year old law could let John Kasich pick the next president.

Bernie Sanders thinks the concept of superdelegates is problematic. David thinks this is an opportunity for us to write the code of the government app. No. Do not let the Republicans win to teach anybody a lesson. No one ever learns the lesson.

Bismarck, Constitution, Santa Maria, Boaty McBoatface.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 21, 2016

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David Waldman reminds us that if you treat your purse as a holster, you always have to treat your purse as a holster. And, on playdates, consider every purse to be a holster.

Greg Dworkin has eliminated the beep that sounded as if he called in while operating a forklift, and also dispels some myths about the November Presidential election. The Cato Institute has found that old turnips still have some more blood. Old folks are not just good for the labor they provide, they vote too. Non-voters could have stopped Trump if they were less apathetic, more enthusiastic. There are not enough white voters to vote in Trump. David Brooks peers from his ivory tower, and has a hunch he may be disconnected from Trump voters. The Gop establishment has to make a big decision about Trump. By the way, there is no Gop establishment, or their candidate would have been the candidate. Meanwhile, Arizona’s tomorrow. Trump still has one big move to make. Why is this man smiling?

David looks at the Republican party’s array of desperation measures, including a delegate by delegate lobbying effort to deny Donald Trump the nomination. That doesn’t sound very fair — hey wait, look at what Bernie Sanders has got going.  People have worked long and hard to create this system, and will decide how to use it.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 18, 2016

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David Waldman recommends that you catch the next episode of Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss BunnyThis week’s special guest is Alexis Goldstein, writer, activist, and Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Financial Reform. Get up-to-date instantly by listening to the live broadcast at 8AM Eastern on Netroots Radio, or check out their archive of podcasts!

Donald Trump’s son receives a letter containing white powder. The letter is deemed “Suspicious”. 

Armando calls in to describe in detail his visit to a recent Trump rally, at which he saw a crowd eager to become a mob. Look for his article on the event coming soon to Daily Kos. Donald Trump suggests that he and his followers could become the greatest, hugest, sore losers ever if the convention in Cleveland doesn’t go their way. As many in the Republican establishment labor to steal the nomination from Donald Trump (who just might have something up his sleeve, too) David combs over the rules and reminds us Rules Matter, especially if you own a DIY rulebook. Also — how do we get to the “people’s choice” in this country? Think a ‘brokered’ convention is undemocratic? Think again.

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